Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve Chad

Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve Chad

Under African Parks management since February 2018, Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve in Chad is a magnificent natural sandstone masterpiece. 40,000 sq km of landscape has been crafted over centuries by wind and water leaving cliffs, natural arches and canyons. Water is permanently present here creating an Eden for a diverse range of flora and fauna, as well as natural life. Many images have been painted onto and carved into the top surface making this area one of the most significant homes of rock art in the Sahara. Ennedi is one of 6 large clusters of mountains (known as a madden) in the Sahara. Fortunately, despite instance poaching in recent years that has severely affected wildlife, an incredible biodiversity still remains.

African Parks protection of Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve

  • In 2016 Ennedi Massif, was declared a world UNESCO site for the unique rock art and natural rock formations dating back 7,000 years
  • The remarkable biodiversity of Ennedi has ensured the survival of many species including over 525 species of plant, a relic crocodile population and over 199 species of bird which pass through on their migratory routes.  Mammals are also found in Ennedi including striped hyena, desert onyx and Dorcas gazelle
  • The human population in Ennedi has been dated back to the Neolithic period through extraordinary rock engravings, mausoleums and paintings. Through engagement with the local population, developments in infrastructure and law enforcement African Parks are working to restore the reserve and reintroduce several key species
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