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Madagascar is an abyss of wildlife birdlife, variant habitats and ecosystems.Madagascar also boasts wildlife found nowhere else on Earth. Here are some reasons we love a Madagascar safari.

  • Madagascar is one the most unique, diverse, mysterious and fascinating countries on the planet.
  • Home to a wide array of unique wildlife including the famous Lemurs of Madagascar.
  • 93 per cent of its mammals, 98 per cent of its reptiles and amphibians, and 89 per cent of its plants are only found on this island.
  • Its habitats are incredibly diverse from tropical rainforests and huge fields of razor-sharp limestone pinnacles to massive baobab trees, caves, mangroves swamps and white-sand beaches and islands.
  • Although it's tourism infrastructure is not as developed as some of its African cousins like South Africa & Tanzania, it's tourism industry is growing and there are some superb lodges and camps across the island that offer fantastic experiences.
  • As it is such a large country, at around 1,500 km long (in area,it's around 40% larger than California / just slightly smaller than France) with over 4,800 km of coastline, planning a trip there requires meticulous attention to details if you wish to have the best experience possible.

With this in mind, we highly recommend speaking to Rob, one of only a handful of highly experienced Madagascar experts in the UK. He has designed countless trips across the country over the last decade and spent a huge amount of time exploring the majority of Madagascar.

For honest expert advice email Rob for more info or call him on +44 7791 360170.

Understanding Madagascar better

To help with the understanding of this vast and diverse country we have split our website into four distinct areas - Northern Madagascar, Eastern Madagascar, Southern Madagascar and Western Madagascar. Most people will only visit one or two of these areas in a trip, due to time and budget considerations, so it is all about finding the right area for your interests, travel personality and budget. A combination of speaking to us and getting a feel for the areas will achieve this. On the whole, in each area, you will find Lemurs, reptiles and amphibians, birdlife, diverse scenery and landscapes, and beautiful beaches. However, each have their own species and differences, so we can walk you through this.


Madagascar is a country like no other

Described as the eighth continent, it separated from mainland Africa 165 million years ago and today 93 per cent of its mammals, 98 per cent of its reptiles and amphibians, and 89 per cent of its plants are endemic. Chief among them are 90 species of lemur, including the enigmatic aye-ayes and sifakas, chameleons the size of your fingernail, frogs, snakes, over 100 species of bird, humpback whales, dolphins, turtles and so much more.

Tourism is Madagascar's future life-blood

Habitats run the full gamut from tropical rainforest and huge fields of razor-sharp limestone pinnacles to massive baobab trees, caves, mangroves swamps and white-sand beaches and islands. Its the destination for wildlife fanatics, but also offers diving, snorkelling, flavourful cuisine, trekking and, of course, a warm and friendly welcome from the Malagasy people.

Madagascar is Africa’s ninth-poorest nation, deforestation (due to charcoal production) is spreading rapidly but, by visiting, tourists are supporting local communities and reaffirming that investing in the protection of their unique ecosystems is essential for future generations.

Planning a great Madagascar safari requires the help of an expert

Madagascar is a vast and extraordinary country, where tourism is still in its infancy; any trip must be well planned. There are simply too many areas and experiences to mention, so a good chat to discuss your interests is certainly needed. We have explored the country extensively and have strong local connections built up over many years of travelling there, to ensure you get the most out of your trip to a country like no other, so we look forward to planning this together.

At Tailormade Africa we are absolutely convinced that the key to a successful trip is in the small details. In combination with your own travel personalities, quirks and nuances, likes and dislikes, the planning of your safari is only truly possible if we, your Madagascar specialists, understand who you are. Please do drop us an email or call to have an informal chat. This will save you a lot of time and possible confusion and will immediately assist us in being able to completely tailor a Madagascar safari to your wishes, budget and time considerations.

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  • Murray & Denise W

    What an Amazing Nine Week Trip!!

    Right from the beginning, we were very impressed with their wealth of knowledge for our destinations (Madagascar, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia) and how quickly they identified our needs and designed an itinerary that was within our budget.... Read more

    Murray & Denise W
    Madagascar, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia, July 2019
  • Michelle & Phil L

    An unforgettable trip to Madagascar!

    This was our second time to Africa. Madagascar was different than mainland Africa and it exceeded our expectations! Rob's knowledge of Madagascar was valuable for all stages of planning ... Read more

    Michelle & Phil L
    Madagascar, Oct 2018

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