close up of lemurs face
view of the river and forest
view of river and rocks
trees at sunset
people at a local market
whale breaching 1
view of the tree
view of the trees 1
view of a lemur in the tree
view of river and forest 2
people sitting in a boat
view of forest and mountains
view of local people
view of the river and forest 1
view of the beach area 4
Arial view of a field 1
view of a field 1
close up of a lemurs face 4
view of flowers 1
lemur in a tree 3
lemur in a tree 2
people walking in the forest 2
people walking through the forest 1
view of trees through a tree
view of snake
view of whales tail
view of sea shells
view of the river and mountain 1
view of people going down the river
view of flowers
view of butterfly on rock
view of bird in the tree 1
view of bird in the tree
view of chameleon on stick
view of rain on leaf
lizard on a leaf
close up of a frog on the rocks
sunset over the mountians
people watching the sunset on the beach
view of the sunset between rocks

Welcome to Southern Madagascar

The Southern part of Madagascar is hugely rich in wildlife, diverse in scenery and abound with culture. Although with the RN7 route (the main road from the capital Antananarivo to the south-west town of Tulear) included within its confounds as one of the most popular tourist routes, there are some truly superb off the beaten track areas we highly recommend to our clients. 

There are three main areas of interest in this broad Southern part of the country that we have 'grouped together' for ease of understanding. 

Firstly on the RN7 we have Isalo National Park and Zombitse National Park. Isalo isone of Madagascar most diverse, with its combination of sandstone rocks cut by deep canyons, eroded spectacular shapes, rare endemic plants, and home of the fascinating Bara tribe. Nearby Zombitse National Parkis a transition forest between the western and the southern habitat types, rich in biodiversity and outstanding for birdwatchers. Our picks for accommodation here are Isalo Rock Lodge and Jardin Du Roy

We then have further down the RN7, around a 4 hour drive from Isalo, the south-western coastal towns of Tulear and Ifaty, home to several small coastal reserves of spiny forest and baobabs, along with several beach destinations with a number of diving and snorkelling excursions as well as kite surfing, surfing and boat trips. Our top pick in the area would be the quirky Bakuba Lodge

And also in the deep south we have the town of Fort Dauphin, accessible really only by air. From here are two of our favourite places in the area - Ifotaka Community Forest and Sainte Luce Bay. Ifotaka protects 22,000 ha of spiny forest and gallery forest in the remote south of the island. Very few tourists venture here and it is incredibly rewarding to be off the beaten track: you will experience the authentic and wild Madagascar. With two distinctive forest types, 5 species of lemur, including the Verreaux’s Sifaka and Ring-tailed Lemurs, countless birds and reptiles, the wildlife experience here is outstanding. Sainte Luce Bay is a secluded tropical paradise with excellent wildlife viewing and miles of untouched beaches. There is very little tourism here, but the area is home to some of the last remaining stretches of coastal rainforest in southern Madagascar. It is also one of the best locations to see hump-back whales in Madagascar during the season (June – November). Bottle-nose dolphins can be spotted from the beach year-round. The Sainte-Luce peninsula is the starting point of a mangrove network spanning 40 km towards Fort Dauphin and is intersected by rivers and lakes, with the dramatic peaks of the Anosy mountain range in the background. A truly stunning part of the country with two fantastic accommodations of Mandrare River Camp and Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge

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