Botswana safaris are considered by many to be Africa's finest offering on the continent in terms of raw, unadulterated wilderness and most exhilarating experiences.

Botswana is one of the kings of the luxury safari world where opulent accommodations, food, wine and service are concerned. Botswana, manages to combine these with experiential safari and remoteness of the location, rather gloriously too, giving you everything you could imagine and then some.

Clyde, our resident Botswana safaris expert has spent many years working as a professional guide and also more recently countless visits to keep up to date with what is offered at the various lodges and camps across the country.

Botswana Safaris FAQs

How to plan a safari in Botswana?

Safaris in Botswana may look like they could be quite straightforward to plan. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just about picking one camp in the Okavango Delta to do the typical Delta activities, one in Chobe National Park to find the big herds of ellies and one in the Central Kalahari to get your desert fix - and Bob’s your uncle!

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that easy… but don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. Firstly, we need to know what you want to get from your holiday. Of course, the game viewing is a priority, but what else? The Okavango Delta is truly enormous, and each area is completely different depending on the time of year you travel, and where the water levels sit. Some camps, for example, are completely cut off from land at certain times of the year. This is ideal for those who want to have some ‘downtime’ or embark on water-based activities only, but if you’re keen to do some game drives and/or walks as well, then you’ll be a bit stuck!

The country has SO much to offer, it really is worth picking up the phone to chat with us and we can help you plan the perfect trip to this beautiful and game-rich country.

What time of year is best to safari in Botswana?

We get this question all the time! In fact, it may seem cliché, but there isn’t an overall ‘best’ time to visit Botswana – and we aren’t just doing the sales thing. It really depends on what you want to get from your trip of a lifetime! The traditional Southern Africa safari best times of year being from July through to mid November are still true here for the best and most prolific wildlife sightings.

If you’re keen to see the world’s second-largest zebra migration, then you would need to visit Botswana ideally between January and early March. The varying water levels in the Okavango Delta will impact the activities you want to enjoy (i.e. game drives may be more difficult when the water levels are at their peak in August) and then you may not be too excited about the stifling heat which Botswana experiences in October although you may be rewarded with excellent game viewing. There are also parts of the country where you’re more likely to see certain types of animals or game interactions. For example, the brown hyena can be found in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and Makgadikgadi National Park but cannot be seen in the Delta or Chobe. This is the same for meerkats. Wild dog sightings most often happen in the Moremi National Park, and if you’re based toward the neck of the Delta, you may be lucky enough to find some epic action where lions hunt buffalo in the daytime. So you see, it really does depend!

What to do in Botswana besides safari?

Being out in the raw wilderness that is Botswana is a given when you visit this beautiful country. Wide-open spaces, a really rich variety of ecosystems and yes, of course, setting out on safari to see all the amazing animals the country supports. That doesn’t mean there isn’t more – in fact there is SO much more!

A photographer’s dream, we would highly recommend you take a helicopter flight over the Okavango Delta to get some amazing birds-eye-view shots of wildlife, including hippos making their way through their ready-made water channels. Jump into a mokoro (a dugout canoe propelled by stick) and get up-close to tiny and spectacularly beautiful frogs on reeds as you sit low in the water. Game walks can only be conducted in some areas, but experience some of the small stuff you’d miss in a vehicle and learn about bush medicine from your local guide. Take a boat along one of the Delta channels to look for the elusive Pel’s Fishing Owl, or cast a line to see if you can catch a tasty tilapia or three. Visit a meerkat colony and witness their cheeky ways. Take a quad bike into the Makgadikgadi salt pans and take snaps of yourself alongside enormous baobab trees. Or, if you are keen for something really different and truly special, spend time with San Bushmen and learn all about their traditional lifestyle and culture. There is so much to explore, so let us help you plan the perfect trip for you and your loved ones!

What to pack for a safari in Botswana?

Botswana strives to be as responsible as possible when it comes to tourism. We, therefore, believe that no one should travel here without a reusable water bottle. The majority of camps have filtered water available for you to fill up as and when you need, and this helps to reduce plastic in the most remote parts of the country.

Given the camps are also in really unique ecosystems and have ways to reduce their impact on the environment, we’d recommend bringing some eco-friendly soaps to help minimise any impact.

Camps provide their own toiletries for you to use, however, if you think you may need more then, please do consider ‘going eco’. And, of course, you’re going on safari so one thing you simply must not forget, is a pair of good quality binoculars! With nearly 600 species of birds, 170 mammals, and 150 reptiles, you really will not want to miss having these on your person at all times.

What to wear on safari in Botswana?

You’ll be very grateful for investing in a good pair of walking boots, that’s for sure! Even if you don’t set out on walking safaris as such, the bush can be harsh on trainers and so something more sturdy will prevent your tootsies from being nailed by those massive Acacia thorns!

When it comes to clothes, lowkey colours are best and layering up is the thing to do. It may be sweltering during the day, but it often surprises us just how nippy it can get in the evenings. Also, a top tip from us is to bring an extra jacket with you for evenings around the fire! One of our favourite things about safaris is enjoying an ice-cold something and sharing stories around the firepit. That said, unfortunately, it also means you may end up being slightly smoky come the next day so a spare top may be welcome! Finally – don’t forget your sunglasses and sun cream. That African sun is hot!

How much does a safari cost in Botswana?

There is only one way to say it: safaris in Botswana are not cheap. That said, here at Tailormade Africa, we are experts in the country and have outstanding relationships with our partners on the ground, so we will always do what we can to avoid breaking the bank! It’s worth noting that much of the cost associated with a safari in Botswana has to do with the remoteness of the camps that you’ll be visiting. Getting out to the middle of the Okavango Delta or down to the Central Kalahari is only possible by light aircraft, and each leg adds an extra dollar or two to your final price tag. That said, you’re also paying for absolute exclusivity, and in most cases, you’ll only really ever see people from your camp so you can forget those scenes of hundreds of cars around one animal sighting!

Due to conservation efforts, there are limits to how many people can physically be in one area, particularly in the Delta. Given the geography, logistics in Botswana are highly complicated. Camps have huge overheads to ensure they minimise their impact on the local environment at the same time as catering to their valuable guests.

As a price guideline for the Okavango Delta or Linyanti, you won't get much change for USD$1000 per person per night at a minimum whilst the lower cost areas of Chobe, Savuti and Central Kalahari start at around USD$700 per person per night.

Ultimately, you’re paying for untouched wilderness and a premium safari experience – and you won’t regret it!


Tailormade Africa is the safari industry leader in customer care. But, don't take our word for it, see why our clients roar about us.

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    Tailormade Africa organised our honeymoon in November 2022 - visiting Botswana for Safari, Cape Town and Zanzibar. We had a truly magical experience, which was down to the seamless communications with Rob ... Read more
    Emily & her husband
    Botswana, South Africa & Zanzibar, November 2022
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    Very experienced team, every care taken, all meetings and collections on time couldn’t be better

    Gave Tailormade an out line of what we would like to see, also gave them a rough budget, they suggested a 4 day Safari in South Africa followed by a 4 day safari in Botswana which worked very well ... Read more
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    South Africa & Botswana, February 2023
  • Rita, Jack & Kate

    Focus on enjoying your African Experience rather than logistics!

    We are a family of three; myself and my two adult children. We are very experienced travelers so I usually do all of the travel logistics. This time, we did three countries; luxury and rough, drive safari and boat safari ... Read more
    Rita, Jack & Kate
    South Africa, Zimbabwe & Botswana, January 2023
  • Leonid & his wife

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    Leonid & his wife
    Botswana & Zimbabwe, September 2022
  • Robert, his wife & some friends

    Organized and knowledgeable

    From start to finish Clyde and his group walked you through the process of a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Clyde actually set up a time to talk on the phone to learn more about our travel group and what we wanted to see/expect ... Read more
    Robert, his wife & some friends
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    South Africa, Botswana & Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls), Dec 2018


There are six main areas of interest in Botswana where safari of the highest order takes place.


Linyanti is a massive region and lies just north of the Okavango Delta consisting of three enormous private concessions – the Kwando, Selinda and Linyanti concession. The area is famous for the massive herds of elephants and buffalo which roam through here on their path between Botswana and Namibia.
  • Okavango Delta

    The Okavango Delta is the crown jewel of the country and every Botswana safari should include some time here. It is a massive fan-shaped wetland which provides its inhabitants with one of the most pristine habitats on the planet.

  • Linyanti

    Linyanti is a massive region and lies just north of the Okavango Delta consisting of three enormous private concessions – the Kwando, Selinda and Linyanti concession. The area is famous for the massive herds of elephants and buffalo which roam through here on their path between Botswana and Namibia.

  • Chobe National Park

    Ranking as the second largest park in Botswana, Chobe National Park is also one of the most famous. The elephant herds here are the largest in all of Africa with approximately 50,000 elephants in the park at any one time. Their numbers are staggering and awe-inspiring.

  • Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

    The Makgadikgadi Salt Pans within the Kalahari ecosystem are a series of expansive salt flats. A well-kept secret is that during the late rainy season (March-April) up to 25,000 zebras migrate into the pans from the Okavango Delta.

  • Mashatu Game Reserve

    Located in the remote far eastern corner of Botswana where the Limpopo and Shashe rivers meet, Mashatu Game Reserve lies in a vast landscape of open plains, grassland, riverine forests, rocky hills, marshland and majestic sandstone ridges.

  • Central Kalahari

    The mere mention of the name Kalahari Desert conjures up images of romance and adventure. It is derived from the word “Kgalagadi” which means “The Great Thirst” or “Waterless Place”. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve itself lies right in the middle of the country and is Botswana’s largest national park.

Our Top Botswana Lodges & Camps

Xaranna Camp

Xarranna Camp is an upmarket camp in the heart of the private Ranns Concession of the Okavango Delta. Its sister camp Xudum being the only other presence over what is a huge area of pristine wilderness ... Read more

Stanleys Camp

Stanley’s Camp is one of two camps situated in this huge concession that would be considered a proper mixture of wet and dry land epitomizing everything that is unique and wonderful about the Okavango Delta ... Read more

Abu Camp

Abu is one of a handful of camps that can claim to be one of the very best in Botswana in terms of the opulence and high standard of its rooms, main area and service. It certainly commands a reassuringly expensive price tag to match ... Read more

Chiefs Camp

Chiefs Camp is situated on the southern reach of Chiefs Island and part of Moremi Central National park. Whilst not a private concession by designation, it is by default as Chiefs is cut off from the the easier accessible areas of Moremi ... Read more

Mombo Camp

This camp is the flagship property of Wilderness Safaris, who are one of Botswana’s leading safari operators. Over the years it has earned its reputation as Africa’s most famous camp ... Read more

Little Mombo Camp

Little Mombo is situated next to its big sister and effectively offers a very similar experience. The fact that there are only 3 suites ensures an even higher level of privacy and exclusivity and the camp is ideal for families or a group of friends ... Read more

Sandibe Safari Lodge

Sandibe has become the one of the best high end luxury safari camps in Botswana and is unquestionably a sight to behold. Designed around the body armor of a Pangolin the, domed main area and guest accommodation laced ... Read more

Why Tailormade Africa?

Experience a Botswana Safari

  • The Okavango Delta is the primary focus of every Botswana Safari with its unique myriad of habitats, wildlife and birdlife.
  • The Linyanti Reserve just a little north of the Okavango Delta, partly connected by the Selinda Spillway, where the larger herds of Elephant and Buffalo can be found along with extraordinary numbers of predator species and sightings.
  • To the east of these Botswana Safari areas are the much-lauded Chobe National Park and Savute famous for insane numbers of Elephant and excellent dry season general game viewing both on land and along the Chobe River.
  • Further south we have the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans which is made up of large expansive grassland plains and seasonal migrating herds of Zebra and Wildebeest. Epic Landscapes complimented by very cool activities such as San Bushmen cultural experiences, Quad Biking over the baron salt pans and spending time with wild "too cool for school" Meerkats.
  • Mashatu Game Reserve, located in the remote far eastern corner of Botswana where the Limpopo and Shashe rivers meet. Mashatu, which is one of the largest privately owned game reserves in southern Africa, is home to one of the largest herds of elephant on the continent and provides excellent sightings of Africa's big seven giants including the giraffe, eland, ostrich, the kori bustard, the iconic baobab tree and the king of beasts: the lion.
  • Finally, we have the Central Kalahari. A region that is virtually the polar opposite of normal Botswana Safari Landscapes, being incredibly dry with little natural permanent water present. This sensational national Park provides the ultimate contrast and foil to the rich waterways of the Okavango Delta, Linyanti and Chobe National Park and affords the chance to see some unique wildlife and birdlife in a completely immersive ecosystem.

Book Your Botswana Safari Today!

At Tailormade Africa we pride ourselves on being Botswana luxury safari experts. Who are we to say so? Have a look at our independent reviews from Safari Bookings. Botswana is one of the kings of the luxury safari world where opulent accommodations, food, wine and service are concerned. Botswana, manages to combine these with experiential safari and remoteness of the location, rather gloriously too, giving you everything you could imagine and then some.

Time, isolation and uniqueness of experience should all be major focal points when considering a Botswana luxury safari as all 3 of those elements of luxury have become synonymous with modern safari travel in Botswana and Africa.

We love Botswana for its all-out dedication to conserving and protecting its natural resources. Nowhere else in Africa will you see wildlife on top of the agenda as it is here. We create bespoke Botswana safari holidays to travellers all over the world. Unlike most safari operators, we specialise in bespoke trips based on a combination of your desires and our team’s expertise. They’ve travelled all over Africa, and know from experience how to craft the best safari experience for you. Contact Rob or Clyde today to start planning your next adventure in Africa!

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