Holidays and vacations in Mauritius have so much to offer. Not only are the beaches absolutely gorgeous but, because of its long history, the island is a melting pot of cultures and religions.

Holidays in Mauritius have so much to offer, and we just love the capital city of Port Louis, which has an amazing local market where you can bring your senses to life through the smells of spices, the sounds of the vendors and the exotic flavours on offer. Nature lovers will be in heaven as Mauritius is rich with stunning wildlife sanctuaries with miles and miles of outstanding hiking trails and jaw-dropping viewpoints.

Mauritius Holidays FAQs

What are the must-visit places in Mauritius?

Mauritius has so much to offer, we can’t possibly select just one must-visit spot! We just love the capital city of Port Louis, which has an amazing local market where you can bring your senses to life through the smells of spices, the sounds of the vendors and the exotic flavours on offer. Nature lovers will be in heaven as Mauritius is rich with stunning wildlife sanctuaries with miles and miles of outstanding hiking trails and jaw-dropping viewpoints. We particularly love the Black River Gorges National Park and hiking up Le Morne Brabant is particularly special. Then, of course, you have the famous seven-coloured earth in Chamarel - a natural geological phenomenon which had coloured the earth a beautiful palette of seven colours which shimmer and shine depending on where the sun and clouds are. Culturally, Mauritius is also very rich and diverse which has made the cuisine here a total and utter delight. And who would want to miss out on the locally brewed rum? All of this in addition to the magnificent beaches with turquoise waters and rich marine life, Mauritius really does have it all.

Why are Mauritius beaches famous?

Mauritius beaches are absolutely gorgeous and just one reason for you to visit this beautiful country. All beaches in the country are public and therefore there is ample opportunity for you to enjoy lively seaside atmospheres with local vendors selling delicious tasty treats and the odd souvenir. Flic-en-Flac in the west of the island and Belle Mare in the east are two such places, but it would be remiss of us to skip Grand Baie which is in itself a resort town and absolutely buzzing with activity. Beaches on the western side of Mauritius can offer a less windy experience without the strong currents found on the east so they can be better for families in particular. All that said, you’re up for a serene beachside experience then you can certainly find it. Many of the gorgeous luxury resorts that we know and love have direct beach access and those that are in coves or separated bays really do benefit from a more peaceful experience.

What can I do during my vacation in Mauritius?

Vacations are meant to be a time for you to really recharge and reconnect with your family and friends, without the worry of your phone buzzing with emails and calls from colleagues back home. Going to an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean is a brilliant choice to really get away and the opportunities to enjoy your downtime are vast! If you have been struggling to catch up on your reading then taking the time to do this on a glorious white beach with the sound of the waves rolling in is an absolute must. Once you’ve done that though, why not step out of your Mauritius hotel or resort and do some serious exploring? You can do this on foot or on the back of a horse, by boat or if you’re really adventurous, even by air! Mountain biking is also a super way to set out and get your heart racing, with two trails in particular which are truly challenging and breathtaking. Try some tasty local dishes at the market in Port Louis, visit a rum factory or pick your very own tea leaves on a tea plantation. Visit the coloured earth at Chamarel, or the incredible religious site of Grand Bassin. You let us know what you’re into and we can plan it all for you, entirely bespoke!

Is Mauritius a good holiday destination in December?

For those of you who live in the northern hemisphere, December can get quite nippy - and dark. We understand only too well the need to find some warmth and sunshine and the super news is that Mauritius is the place to be! With beautiful white sand beaches, mountains, lagoons, waterfalls and gorgeous lush forests, enjoying this lovely country in December is brilliant - not least as it’s the middle of summer here and an average temperature of 25C/77F.

Consider travelling outside of school holidays if you are able to, as the country is absolutely fantastic for younger and older families alike over the Christmas and New Year period. This does mean however that if you’re a couple of friends who are keen to have a kid-free holiday then you may want to travel earlier in the month to make the most of that period before kids break up for their winter holidays.

What are the best things to do on a holiday in Mauritius?

Here at Tailormade Africa, we create all of our itineraries entirely bespoke for you and your loved ones. We pride ourselves in getting to know you and helping you to fill your time with things that not only interest you but may also put you a little bit out of your comfort zone!

Rich in culture and nature, the island of Mauritius has a lot for you to do no matter your interests. Some may be fascinated by the industries which make the island so economically successful such as tea and sugarcane, and visiting plantations will really bring these elements to life. Picking tea leaves and chomping on a fresh piece of sugarcane is quite a unique way to learn about the country - as is enjoying a tipple or three of the locally brewed rum! Cooking your own lunch with a local Mauritian may be the thing you never knew you wanted to do and our local cooking experience is always a highlight!

Did you know that Mauritius is the home of the now-extinct Dodo bird? The Dodo Museum in Port Louis showcases all that is known about this incredible bird and brings its story to life through sketches and skeletons which really are remarkable. If you’re up for a totally different perspective, why not try a tandem sky jump to see the island from above? Or enjoy the thrill of riding on the Indian Ocean’s longest zipline (1.5km!) Mountain biking, hiking, water skiing, diving, windsurfing… the list of things that will get your heart rate going are endless. If all you want to do is sit with a delicious Mauritian Rum Cocktail and watch the world go by with your favourite read or spend your days being pampered in exquisite spas, then that’s also possible (and recommended)!

What are some interesting things about Mauritius?

Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures and religions. With a long history of changing hands, the island has been a Dutch colony as well as French and finally British. Over this time the island was an integral part of the trade routes and slave labour brought migrants from mainland Africa and Asia including India, which has resulted in the majority of Mauritians boasting multilingual skills. English is the official language however you will also find that people are fluent in French, Mauritian Creole and a variety of Asian languages including Chinese and Hindi. Many different religions on the island have influenced the culture. The most prominent religion on Mauritius is Hinduism followed by Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.

From a natural perspective, it's fascinating to know that you can find up to 60 species of orchids on the island and roughly 700 species of indigenous plants. For those bird-lovers among you, the island has such unique geography and climate that has resulted in many species of flightless birds which have evolved over time. Don’t forget this was the home of the sadly now-extinct Dodo bird which actually is a symbol of national identity in Mauritius. If you’re keen to learn more about this incredible creature we highly recommend you visit the Dodo Museum in Port Louis where you can find sketches and even skeletons of this bizarre-looking bird!

How safe is Mauritius for tourists?

The super news is that Mauritius doesn’t have malaria, which means that for those of you who are keen to do an entirely malaria-free holiday, you can combine it beautifully as an extension to a safari in one of the many malaria-free reserves in South Africa. The two countries are really well connected too, so it’s super easy to combine them for a beautiful safari and beach itinerary! As far as crimes go, we would say that as with travel more generally, you must simply be aware of yourself. Petty and opportunist crime is as present as it would be in your own country. Be cautious when it comes to handling cash and watch your valuables as you would normally. Mauritius relies quite heavily on tourism and therefore they are very proud and keen to impress so tourists will always feel secure in their travel plans. Plus, you have us here at Tailormade Africa to support you at each step of your trip so even the most timid traveller can rest assured they’ll be in the best of hands!

Which place is the best, Maldives or Mauritius?

The question we would ask back is, best for what? Both have their merits and given they are completely different countries they have their own unique offerings. Okay, so they’re located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, offer a combination of mid and high-end luxury holidays, have stunning beaches, turquoise waters and offer amazing water sports and diving opportunities... but that’s as close as it gets!

Mauritius is a very unique island with special geography and weather which makes it the special place it is and certainly a far cry from the activities on offer in the Maldives. For the adrenaline junkie, you will have more than you could dream of, from skydiving and ‘mud karting’ to ziplining on the longest line in the Indian Ocean, 1.5km! The island is also a mountain biker’s heaven with a couple of serious tracks to tackle which are certainly not for the faint-hearted. There is so much to do that we can help you to tailor your perfect itinerary which will make the most of this gorgeous volcanic island and surrounding coral reefs.


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As specialists in Mauritius, we will catch up with you on a call to find out exactly which property would suit you best and help you plan your perfect island getaway!

Northern Region

The north is buzzing and popular given the proximity to Grand Baie, a resort town which has been a hotspot for tourists for a while, as well as the famous Grand Gaube LUX in the town of Grand Gaube located in the Rivière du Rempart District.
  • Northern Region

    The north is buzzing and popular given the proximity to Grand Baie, a resort town which has been a hotspot for tourists for a while, as well as the famous Grand Gaube LUX in the town of Grand Gaube located in the Rivière du Rempart District.

  • Southern Region

    The south of the island is much wilder and off the beaten track, making for some quiet beaches and an authentic feel. When it comes to properties, Mauritius really does have something for everyone.

  • Eastern Region

    East of the island you will find a number of gorgeous beaches with stunning white sand although it can be a tad rough given the wind catches this side of the island but that said it makes it much cooler on those super hot sunny days!

  • Western Region

    The west of the island is also quite busy and closer to Port Louis, the capital city of this lovely country. It is ideal for watersports such as windsurfing and diving, but they also get incredible sunsets.

Our Top Mauritius Hotels & Resorts

As a popular tourist spot, this beautiful island is rich when it comes to the variety in luxurious Mauritius hotels. One of the most important things to us is to get to know you and your loved ones so that we can help you to pick the perfect Mauritius hotel. Some are located in areas of the country which are busier and vibey and others are in much quieter and remote spots where you can feel entirely removed from the buzz. If beaches at the resort are important to you then we can let you know all the best ones to pick from, and if you’re super into your cuisine then we know just where to put you!

The point is that each hotel is unique and offers something different. As specialists in the country, we will design the perfect itinerary for you and ensure that you have all you need in your home on the island. If this means staying in two places over a ten-night stay then that’s what we’ll recommend!

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How Many Days Are Sufficient to Visit Mauritius?

Mauritius is easily recognised as a fly and flop island holiday, ideal for adding on to a safari or indeed as a standalone honeymoon destination. We know this island inside out and we want to break that stereotype! The country is full of natural wonders which you can explore on foot, by bike or even on horseback which means those active ones out there can truly get their fill all the while looking out for the 60 species of orchid which call the island home, or indeed the rare flightless birds which have evolved over time.

Culturally the island is incredibly rich, and the diverse history has created what can only be described as a culinary heaven. Influences from India, Africa and Asia more broadly has made the flavours in the food absolutely incredible and well worth exploring. Tea plantations where you can pick your own tea leaves and sugarcane plantations where you can not only try pure sugarcane but also try a tipple of locally brewed rum are experiences we would highly recommend.

How many days are sufficient to enjoy all of this? At the very least seven. We have no doubt you’ll be back to explore more as there really is so much to do and see!

What are the Best Places for a Honeymoon in Mauritius?

We are all too aware of the hard work that goes into planning the dream wedding. By the time you get to your well-deserved honeymoon, you may not have had a conversation about anything but ‘the big day’ for months! Well, a honeymoon in Mauritius will be just the ticket.

It’s the ideal spot for you to pack your days full with memorable activities to enjoy together as a newly-wed couple and if you just want some pure downtime then it’s also great for a tasty cocktail or three on a long white beach or indeed a pampering in the hotel spa! All of the hotels and resorts in Mauritius are more than equipped to make your stay as romantic as you want, but we are also under no illusions that not each loved up couple wants rose petals laid out on their sheets.

That’s where we come in! At Tailormade Africa we will help you to design the best honeymoon using the perfect property and private tours so you can have the best post-wedding holiday with your lifelong bestie. Bliss.

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