Congo is one of Africa’s best-kept secrets. Remote in the best possible sense of the word, this is safari in the original sense of the word – a voyage into the unknown.

A journey of exploration and discovery that will whet even the most jaded of travel appetites. Congo is far from the beaten track – indeed, vast tracts of its pristine rainforest are far from any tracks at all. The very name ‘Congo’ conjures up powerful images of the heart of Africa, a place of marvels and wonder that few have ever visited.Calmer and much more stable than its larger namesake, (the Democratic Republic of Congo) the "Republic of Congo" is approaching a vital crossroads. Despite its sparse human population, pressure is mounting to fund development by exploiting its natural riches – particularly oil and timber. Ecotourism, although in its infancy, offers a viable alternative. Far-sighted conservationists have established a handful of sensitively designed and managed Camps in and around Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the north of the country.

Congo Safaris FAQs

What is the price of a gorilla trekking Congo safari?

A gorilla permit in the Congo is the cheapest when compared to Uganda and Rwanda, at $400 per permit. If you are looking at spending a few days in the Congo on safari they start from around $1200 to $1300 per person per night sharing. The price is a bit more than most locations due to it's remoteness, but is all dependent on a the level of luxury and activities you would like to experience.

What wildlife can I expect to see in Congo?

The Republic of Congo has the highest number of lowland gorillas (different from the mountain gorillas). Besides gorillas, the rainforests of the Congo Basin are also referred to as the second lung of the world (second only to the Amazon jungle), and this is also a very important biodiversity hotspot. You can also encounter chimpanzees, forest elephant, forest buffalo, hippo, the very rare bongo antelope and just over 100 other mammals. The plant and birdlife are also prolific.

When is the best time to visit Congo?

Congo experiences a typical equatorial climate, but there is some variation between the southern and northern regions to bear in mind when planning a trip.

If you're visiting the capital Brazzaville and surrounds in the south it is best during the cooler drier months between May and September, while in the north around Odzala-Kokoua National Park it is best to visit in the dry months of January and February. The wet months can see temperatures reach 30°c and with the combined humidity makes it very uncomfortable.

What is the highlights of a trip to Congo?

One of the top highlights is most certainly Odzala-Kokoua National Park and trekking western lowland gorillas in this pristine and remote wilderness. Other highlights to look forward to include a nocternal forest walk, an afternoon cruise down the Lekoli River, swimming in the Likeni River, as well as a guided forest walk and vehicle safari. a real treat is to head to Sangha and trek to Mangabey and spend time with the pangolin researchers.


From the bustling markets and vibrant growing art scene in Brazzaville to one of the oldest protected wilderness areas in Africa, Odzala-Kokoua, there is so much more than just gorilla trekking to experience in the Congo.

Odzala-Kokoua National Park

Odzala represents one of the last truly pristine and remote ecosystems in Africa. In the 80 years since it was established, it has gained a near-mythical status due to the fact that very few people have ever been there, and the incredible stories that those few intrepid explorers brought back.


Etoumbi marks the point in northern Congo where the tarred road ends, and the adventure of exploring Odzala really begins. From here on in, you’ll be on a voyage of discovery that will leave you with wonderful lifelong memories.


Brazzaville is a fascinating melting pot of colonial history and vibrant Congolese culture. Its varied architecture represents Africa’s recent past in microcosm, but this is gradually being overtaken by a modern, optimistic and entrepreneurial spirit.

Odzala-Kokoua National Park

Odzala represents one of the last truly pristine and remote ecosystems in Africa. In the 80 years since it was established, it has gained a near-mythical status due to the fact that very few people have ever been there, and the incredible stories that those few intrepid explorers brought back.

Why Tailormade Africa?

Experience Congo

One of Africa’s oldest protected areas, Odzala boasts the world’s highest density of western lowland gorillas, and many other charismatic species of bird, mammal and reptile in its 13 600km2. A vivid mosaic of habitats supports incredible biodiversity – several new species have been discovered there in recent years, and almost every day (and night) brings new discoveries. There are few places left in Africa where you know that your footprints are among the first, and that by placing them there, you are making a real and lasting contribution to the conservation of the globally significant rainforests of the Congo Basin. We love Congo for the chance it offers to intrepid explorers to have close encounters with habituated groups of gorillas and to spend time with the pioneering primatologists who have dedicated their lives to studying them.

In addition to the lowland gorillas, Odzala has eleven species of diurnal primate and megafauna such as forest buffalo and forest elephant. These more visible species share Odzala with a whole host of fascinating creatures, many of them unknown to the uninitiated. If you’ve ever wanted to see a bongo in the Congo, or a potto, anomalure or tree pangolin, then Odzala is a must-visit destination. Remember that palpable sense of excitement you felt the first time you set foot in Africa? Odzala is your chance to feel that way again, and discover much more than the 'normal' African wildlife.

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      Clyde from Tailormade Africa put together an epic once-in-a-lifetime trip that was par-excellence!

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      Impeccable service and planning!! Rwanda & Tanzania

      Rob Morley and team at Tailormade Africa were fantastic to work with from start to finish! I vetted multiple safari travel agents and knew that when I spoke to Rob I had found the right one. Rob... Read more

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      I worked with Clyde. I could not have asked for a better service. Besides making a fantastic safari itinerary, he made sure our trip was flawless in real time. He was our guardian travel angel always... Read more

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      They live up to their name!

      Clyde at Tailormade Africa put together a wonderful custom trip to Zambia and Botswana for us six friends, three couples each with different prior experiences in the region and different priorities. And he did ... Read more

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      Clyde Beaty, the PA's Safari Best Friend

      I did not go on Safari, but had to book it for my boss. I am a PA and I literally had to plan, what is a once in a life time trip for most, in 3 weeks, Without Clyde, I would not have managed it. Clyde literally held my hand, from ... Read more

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      Tailormade has an incredibly deep understanding of travel in Africa.

      Tailormade has put together 3 trips to Africa for myself and my husband. Areas covered have been Rwanda, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia, and Ethiopia. For each trip we have worked with Clyde Beaty, the founder of Tailormade, and ... Read more

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      Now is really the time to go to Africa. Frankly safer there than in the USA

      We travelled with apprehension about Covid and the testing,... I have never travelled with such support. Tailormade Africa knew first hand all of the lodges/camps, their high points and their issues. Each time we changed venue ... Read more
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      Best Adventurous Honeymoon Ever!! Thank you, Rob!!

      I´m glad that you are reading this post because it means that there is a high chance that you will be in very good hands. I don't think that there are enough stars to describe our amazing experience with Rob from Tailormade Africa ... Read more
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      Amazing Experience at Zimbabwe! Clyde and His Team at Tailormade Africa Organized a Fantastic Trip!

      Our 3 Safaris at Zimbabwe exceeded our expectations in every level! Clyde helped us (3 couples) organize the most amazing trip ever! Logistics were right on point, especially considering covid made it much more complicated. He always ... Read more
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      Clyde the 'Travel Fairy' planned and executed the honeymoon of a lifetime!

      There aren't enough stars to accurately rate our experience working with Clyde and Tailormade. We came to Clyde from a friend's recommendation a month before our wedding wanting to leave for our honeymoon immediately ... Read more
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      COVID made safaris even more magical!!!

      This is my 5th time travelling with Tailormade Africa and Clyde struck gold again, sending me on yet another adventure of my life. Every time I go thinking I've seen it all and done it all, he just finds a way to top ... Read more
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      Southern Tanzania, August 2021 (5th Safari with us)
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      Unforgettable! Tailormade Africa made it a trip of a lifetime!

      If I had to make a recommendation in one sentence – Tailormade Africa is THE place to make your African dreams come true! About planning ... Extremely personalized, great expertise and advice, impressed ... Read more
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      Enthusiastic and experienced - The only other thing I can say to someone considering a safari with Tailormade Africa - DO IT!

      We thought our safari days were over after 5 trips in 8 years. Then last year we saw Clyde’s rather eloquent write-up ... Read more
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      Tailormade Africa designed and facilitated our dream trip!

      Clyde at Tailormade Africa was a delight to work with. From our initial phone conversation, Clyde was able to capture the exact experience we were looking for. We didn’t want a group tour and nor did we wish to travel during the busy season ... Read more

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      Clyde's expertise and efficiency gave me the confidence to pursue my dream journey.

      Although I had had some experience travelling in southern Africa this trip was much more complicated than usual - five countries, many organizations, and the potential for logistical disasters ... Read more

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      An experience that surpassed all of our expectations!

      Rob (and TMA) organised a great holiday to South Africa a couple of years ago so when my girlfriend and I were discussing a trip to Africa, we didn't hesitate to get back in contact. After discussing budget and 'wish list', Rob came back with a couple of options and we decided to go for Uganda... Read more

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      Kind, attentive, knowledgeable

      I think Rob did a brilliant job, before, during and after the trip! Attention to detail, but beyond the work his sence of humanity - to sincerely offer assistance ... Read more

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      Great advice and great delivery!

      From start to finish the attention to detail from Tailormade Africa was excellent. The pre-departure information was very extensive. Rob Morley and his team were responsive to some late alterations that we wanted to make ... Read more

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      Trip of a lifetime, flawlessly planned with care

      My family of four worked with Clyde to create a true trip of a lifetime. Starting in South Africa, we made our way to Zimbabwe and then on to Tanzania to watch the wildebeest migration... Read more

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      South Africa, Zimbabwe & Tanzania, July 2018
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      Super efficient, planned to the finest detail, no stone left unturned

      The communications from Rob Morley from the initial enquiry and subsequent booking, right up to departure date, and during the trip were incredible. Even down to the meet and greet at Jo'burg ... Read more

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      We decided to go to South Africa on a relatively short notice and Clyde and his team put together a top notch itinerary tailored to us specifically ... Read more

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      Exceeded my already high expectations!

      Clyde and the whole Tailormade Africa group exceeded my already high expectations for our trip to South Africa. Communications were extremely easy, and we were able to customise our tour to exactly what we hoped to do ... Read more

      Kathryn H
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      One of the best holidays we have ever had.

      From initial discussions to getting off the plane when we arrived home, Tailormade Africa arranged everything we had requested in a most friendly and professional manner ... Read more

      Mel & Liz H
      South Africa, Sept 2016
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      Thank you so much Rob for arranging this lovely safari!

      The drive to the reserve was spectacular and the setting for the tented camp was breathtaking and the sunrise was, WOW ... Read more

      Denise & Roy C
      South Africa, Oct 2016
    • Julie & Jeremy L

      Tailormade Africa yet again did a great job putting together our recent trip.

      Their recommendations for where to go and choice of hotel/lodges was spot on. Everything worked seamlessly when we were there and everyone in our group had a great time ... Read more

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      Supportive, personal and straightforward.

      This whole South Africa holiday experience was, for us, an amazing one and these guys at Tailormade made it all so very easy. "You'll be met at Cape Town," they said and sure enough a man waiting to take us to the baggage reclaim and to our car ... Read more

      Andy & Christine C
      South Africa, Sept 2017
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      Fabulous experience on Safari in South Africa at Ngala and Tswalu.

      The safari experiences were excellent. Tailormade Africa was careful to assess our interests and desires and recommend alternatives for accommodations and experiences ... Read more

      South Africa, Sept 2017
    • Freddie

      Tailormade Africa organised and delivered on an excellent itinerary for my holiday.

      My trip to South Africa came from an unplanned bid in a charity auction for Street Child of which Rob from Tailormade Africa had generously donated 3 nights stay in Cape Town ... Read more

      South Africa, Oct 2017
    • Anne and Andrew B

      Excellent service, demonstrating a high level of knowledge and experience, delivering top quality.

      Our experience throughout with Tailormade Africa was excellent. We felt that Clyde understood our requirements ... Read more

      Anne and Andrew B
      South Africa & Botswana, Apr 2018
    • Sarah & Jonathon A

      Unforgettable 6-week African Honeymoon!

      After some Internet research and getting ourselves very overwhelmed with 'where to start planning this trip to Africa?!' we came across Tailormade Africa. From our first email response from Rob, it was clear this was a different service to the others ... Read more

      Sarah & Jonathon A
      South Africa, Victoria Falls, Tanzania & Uganda, May 2018
    • Tommy & Keri G

      Clyde planned a trip of a lifetime that far exceeded our expectations.

      When we set out to plan our 3 week trip to Africa, we thought we knew where we wanted to go and when. After researching many companies to plan our trip ... Read more

      Tommy & Keri G
      Tanzania, Zimbabwe & South Africa, July 2018
    • Emma S

      Rob was helpful, approachable, knowledgeable about South Africa.

      All the essentials were organised following informed consultation with us, personally and by email. The accommodation was well planned and very appropriate for our needs ... Read more

      Emma S
      South Africa, Oct 2018
    • Chris & Tina

      It was everything we had hoped for.

      I am 85 years old and my wife is 78. We have done a lot of travelling over the years. We decided we would make one last big trip before we got much older. We had always talked about going to South Africa and doing a safari ... Read more

      Chris & Tina
      South Africa, Dec 2018
    • Mike R

      I thoroughly enjoyed my Tailormade Africa experience in Rwanda. The service was brilliant

      My guide (Aimable) was knowledgeable and friendly. The gorilla trekking experience was a once in a lifetime event that I will remember forever ... Read more

      Mike R
      Rwanda, Apr 2017
    • Arnie M

      The safari we booked with Tailormade Africa was truly the best trip of our lives.

      We had a telephone conversation during which Clyde Beaty determined our interests. Clyde proved to be a superb listener and offered us a tour which met our needs perfectly.... Read more

      Arnie M
      Rwanda & Tanzania, July 2019
    • Sarah & Sanusi M

      Exceptional expertise, knowledge and advice. It was clear from the beginning we were in safe hands

      The safari exceeded expectations on every possible level! All three locations, the people, guides, camps, travel, expertise, food, friendliness and everything else ... Read more

      Sarah & Sanusi M
      Rwanda, Tanzania & Zanzibar, October 2019
    • Geoff & Friends

      17 Days of action-packed adventure in amazing Rwanda.

      My name is Geoff and along with friends Anita, David and Irene we gave Rob Morley of Tailormade Africaa brief to include some hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and of course gorilla trekking ... Read more

      Geoff & Friends" alt="Sarah & Sanusi M">

      Exceptional expertise, knowledge and advice. It was clear from the beginning we were in safe hands

      The safari exceeded expectations on every possible level! All three locations, the people, guides, camps, travel, expertise, food, friendliness and everything else ... Read more

      Sarah & Sanusi M
      Rwanda, Tanzania & Zanzibar, October 2019