Welcome to Tailormade Africa. Your luxury Africa safaris expert. We are an independent owner run company specialising in luxury safaris and trips to this unique and wonderful continent.

At Tailormade Africa we pride ourselves on being the leaders in customer service. We are also the luxury safari experts and our safari consultants have lived, worked and still travel extensively throughout Africa, bringing you the best of each safari destination.

Clyde and Rob are two of the most knowledgeable and passionate experts of African safari with over 40 years combined experience. You will be working exclusively with the owners of Tailormade Africa from start to finish - pre, during and post travel. Our approach is simple, to be ethical and to benefit you (the guest), the hosts, local communities and the environment. There are so many African safari options it can often be overwhelming, whether you're travelling to Africa as a first-time safari goer or a seasoned safari enthusiast. If you're looking at honeymoon safaris, family safaris or luxury safaris holidays the best thing to do to avoid being overwhelmed is to call us now for an initial obligation-free chat to get to know you.

We would love to chat with you about your safari and travel dreams. Don't be shy, email us or call Clyde on +44 7809 726266 or Rob on +44 7791 360170.

African Luxury Safaris FAQs

What makes a luxury African safari?

In our opinion, one of the highlights of a luxury African safari is the professional service you will come to expect. Your rangers and guides will be highly trained individuals with plenty of experience working in the bush. This means that you’ll learn that much more and be sure to enjoy seeing the world around you through highly skilled eyes.

There should be an element of remoteness which allows for lower annual visitors. This then leads to a greater quality game viewing experience. We also believe you should be able to reach your travel provider 24/7 as it the case with Tailormade Africa.

How do I plan a luxury safari?

Planning is key for a successful luxury safari, but this can also be quite tricky as there are so many choices. Where would you even begin and how much time do you have to invest in this step? It is for this reason we encourage everyone to get in touch with us. We can help you save a bunch of time. This will also give you a chance to see what sets us apart, it starts with how we plan everything.

After the initial planning has taken place, we will work on your perfect itinerary. We will keep working on this until you are 100% happy with it. Then it is over to making sure you have all the essentials for your trip.

How much can I expect to budget for a luxury safari?

This will depend on what you have in mind. Most clients have a rough idea of what they are willing to spend. We will then help guide this process. Something to always keep in mind is the amount you will need to add in terms of flights, tips and gifts (but we will also guide you with this).

If we had to put a number to it, a rough estimate would be around $5,000 per person and could exceed $13,000. A factor that greatly influences this is the the number of days you will be on safari.

Which safari is best in Africa?

There are quite a few options in our opinion. It all boils down to the traveller's personality and ideas in terms of a safari. Big 5, gorillas, a cultural experience, desert or some sea? Maybe even a combination of a few or all of these?

Some of our favourites:

  • Popular, but at times could be a little crowded to our liking: the Serengeti and Ngorongoro in Tanzania, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Masai Mara in Kenya, Cape Town, the Winelands and Private Reserves in South Africa.
  • For sheer remoteness and wildlife numbers: Selous Game Reserve, Katavi & Ruaha in Tanzania all of which combine well with a trip to Zanzibar, Amboseli National Park & Lewa in Kenya, most of the parks in Botswana, Mana Pools & Gonarezhou National Parks in Zimbabwe
  • For something a bit different and even life-changing: Volcanoes National Park & Akagera National Park in Rwanda for a gorilla and Big 5 combo experience, Samuru in Kenya, Etosha in Namibia, Makgadikgadi and the Central Kalahari for a desert safari and wildlife with a difference and finally Madagascar which has some wildlife found nowhere else on the planet.

What is the best month to go on an African safari?

We have some great news, every month is a good month to go on safari in Africa. Let's clarify a bit, Africa is blessed to have a spread of safari countries both north and south of the equator which allows for dry months and great wildlife viewing all year-round depending on the country.

    Tanzania - Tanzania is great this time of year. Many seek to witness the Great Migration which is a spectacle, to say the least, but this is dependent on the rainfall which is different every year.
    South Africa - imagine visiting the world-famous Cape Town, sipping on some of the best wines in the South African winelands and getting to see the Big 5.
    Ethiopia - The Simien Mountains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the best places to go on a safari adventure.
    Namibia - The wildlife viewing opportunities in the desert-filled country of Namibia might surprise (and delight) you. Many different African animals have adapted to live in the harsh-but-beautiful Namib, a coastal desert.
  • MAY - JUNE
    Madagascar - it's wintertime during this period, but with the island’s proximity to the equator the temperatures are more pleasant during the coolest months of the year. You’ll also see particularly lush landscapes in May and June, and these two months are considered part of the low season so there won’t be throngs of tourists.
    Zimbabwe - this is a bit of a transitional period with periods of wet and dry. In June, the days are warm and pleasant, while the nights a little more chilly. This time of year is the peak season for safaris. The drier weather draws animals to the country’s rivers and watering holes, which is quite a spectacle.
    Rwanda - Rwanda is in the midst of the dry season which runs from June through to September. These two months are very popular for booking gorilla trekking adventures because of the clear skies and sunny conditions. Also, catch the Big 5 in Akagera National Park, as the game viewing is great this time of year.
    Botswana - The Okavango Delta, Moremi and Chobe are some of Botswana's greatest destinations for animal-spotting. So during these dryer winter months there is less vegetation and tends to see animals concentrate around waterholes and rivers, making wildlife easier to spot.
    Kenya - With more that 40 national parks and reserves, Kenya remains a dream safari destination for many. You will find tourists in Kenya year-round, but September through October is a little cooler and you can catch the iconic Masai Mara migration during this time which also attracts a larger number of predators including lions.
    Uganda - So who doesn't want to see gorillas in their lifetime? The peak season is actually from June through to September when there is less rain and more sunshine. BUT, travelling in the shoulder season of November or even March and April is well-worth it. There are no crowds which is great for gorilla trekking and this time offers the most competitive prices, including the trekking permits. Besides it won't rain all day and there is likely only a daily downpour at some stage or some light rain, with plenty of blue sky as well.

We've talked a lot about the dry seasons which are best for game viewing, but don't discount the more rainy seasons. Yes, wildlife spotting can be a bit more challenging, but with good guides this may not be such a big factor. Added to this the pricing tends to be much more competitive and there are some great scenes to had like new borns on the plains of the Masai Mara and Serengeti, flocks of migratory birds arrive back in Africa from Europe and further afield and get to see one of the less known migrations, where thousands of zebras cover more than 500km in a straight line from Namibia to Botswana.

How many days are ideal for a safari in Africa?

Our short answer is as long as possible, but rarely less than 14 days including flights. This is of course dependent on budget, how much leave time you have available and where your homebase is situated, as this will take up more or less travel time.

A short trip could be around 5 to 7 nights if it's from central Europe, UK, Middle East or the Indian subcontinent. For those flying from further afield like the US, Canada, South America, Far East, Australia or New Zealand 10 to 13 nights would be great, with 14 to 18 nights being ideal.


When it comes to incredible scenery, Africa is right up there with the best. Boasting vast savannas, stunning beaches, dramatic mountains and amazing wildlife, this continent has it all. Africa stirs up emotions in travelers like no place on earth, leaving them yearning to come back.

8.46° S, 11.78° E

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is an undiscovered paradise that has been a dealt a poor hand. Tourism and investments were blossoming after the end of the civil war in 2002 and then, just as it was finding its feet, Ebola struck. However, the World Health Organisation has now declared it officially Ebola-free and Tailormade Africa is spearheading the campaign to develop eco-tourism in the country.
30.56° S, 22.94° E

South Africa

South Africa is often referred to as a world in one country and it certainly deserves this title. There are very few places on earth which offer such a diversity of landscapes, cultures, wildlife and activities. Whether it is safaris or cities, beaches or winelands, surfing or skiing that you are looking for, you can find it all here.
18.77° S, 46.87° E


Madagascar holidays will leave you spellbound as you wander among giant baobabs and explore landscapes like no other on earth. Madagascar is an abyss of wildlife, birdlife, variant habitats and ecosystems. Madagascar also boasts wildlife found nowhere else on the planet.
20.35° S, 57.55° E


Mauritius holidays have so much to offer, and we just love the capital city of Port Louis, which has an amazing local market where you can bring your senses to life through the smells of spices, the sounds of the vendors and the exotic flavours on offer.
4.68° S, 55.49° E


The great thing about the Seychelles is that there are so many different islands which have beautiful hotels and resorts on them that there truly is something for everyone… and they will all have a beautiful beach for you to enjoy! Seychelles has a number of outstanding private islands that each have their own resort on them too, and these are ideal for those who want to really feel like they’re getting away.
0.02° S, 37.91° E


A Kenya safari has become something of an institution over the years and is where the lavish and luxurious safari was pioneered and perfected. It is no surprise then that when tastes shifted toward the photographic safari in the 1950’s and 1960’s, Kenya was again at the forefront.
22.33° S, 24.68° E


Botswana safaris are considered by many to be Africa's finest offering on the continent in terms of raw, unadulterated wilderness and most exhilarating experiences.
6.37° S, 34.89° E


Tanzania is quite possibly the quintessential African destination. When it comes to safari, Tanzania really does have it all and it is certainly one of the most popular among our clients. It is the kind of place which experienced safari hands could easily visit four or five times, but it also makes for a fantastic first-time safari.
1.94° S, 29.87° E


Whilst gorilla trekking is an absolute highlight at Volcanoes National Park, a safari in Rwanda offers so much more than this, with sightings of the big 5, breathtaking scenery and a fascinating history to discover in various destinations.
19.02° S, 29.15° E


Widely regarded for many years prior to 2000 as the ultimate safari destination, Zimbabwe’s tourism recovery over the past 7 or so years has been incredible. The tourism industry as a whole and the countries national parks and wilderness areas remain one of the most well organised and managed in all of Africa and is a testament to the passion and commitment shown by all operators and stakeholders who stuck out the hard times.
22.96° S, 18.49° E


Due to its arid nature, Namibia is one of the most sparsely populated countries on earth. The feelings of sheer space and freedom that can be felt here are unlike anything else you may have experienced before. This comes with an understanding that a safari to Namibia is mostly about spectacular desert scenery and wide open landscapes.
13.13° S, 27.85° E


Zambia is often referred to as the connoisseur’s safari destination. It is one of few places where you can still experience the Africa of old and much of it has remained pleasantly undeveloped. Due to the very adventurous and immersive nature of safari here, the country is generally suited to more outdoorsy travellers who may have been on a few safaris already.
0.23° S, 15.83° E


Congo is one of Africa’s best-kept secrets. Remote in the best possible sense of the word, this is safari in the original sense of the word – a voyage into the unknown. A journey of exploration and discovery that will whet even the most jaded of travel appetites.
8.46° S, 11.78° E

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is an undiscovered paradise that has been a dealt a poor hand. Tourism and investments were blossoming after the end of the civil war in 2002 and then, just as it was finding its feet, Ebola struck. However, the World Health Organisation has now declared it officially Ebola-free and Tailormade Africa is spearheading the campaign to develop eco-tourism in the country.
1.37° S, 32.29° E


Visitors to Uganda are often surprised and taken aback by the shear natural beauty of Uganda’s diverse landscapes and the genuine friendly welcome from the people. From the mountainous rain-forests in the south, to the northern savannahs, to picture-perfect crater lakes Uganda is truly one of the most geographically remarkable countries in Africa.


Whether you're travelling to Africa as a first-time safari goer or a seasoned safari enthusiast we are able to advise you. Our safari consultants have ample experience in designing tailormade itineraries for all types of travellers!


Tailormade Africa is the safari industry leader in customer care. But, don't take our word for it, see why our clients roar about us.

  • Sarah & her family

    Expert, precision knowledge - putting us in exactly the right place +date for a mega river crossing!

    Clyde from Tailormade Africa spent time with us during the booking phase - answering questions and providing expert advice and insight into how to get the best out of our "wish list" safari to see migratory herds and a Mara river crossing ... Read more
    Sarah & her family
    Tanzania, July 2023
  • Enda & his partner

    Genuine experts who listened to us and built a personalised holiday that was perfect for us

    This was our first safari and, although we’ve travelled independently a lot, we wanted expert advice on what would give us the best experience. Clyde clearly has extensive knowledge and experience ... Read more
    Enda & his partner
    Zambia, September 2023
  • Debbie & her husband

    An excellent operator with in-depth knowledge and experience of Africa.

    Rob Morley and the team at Tailormade ensured we had a very special experience in order to celebrate a significant milestone birthday. Most importantly he listened to the brief and succeeded in managing both our expectations ... Read more
    Debbie & her husband
    Kenya, June 2023
  • Chris & his wife

    Awesome holiday in every detail

    We had an amazing trip to Botswana and Zimbabwe. Clyde's in depth knowledge and suggestions of camps to visit proved to be absolutely spot on, Shinde and Kwando Lagoon were exactly on the brief of what we were hoping to experience ... Read more
    Chris & his wife
    Botswana & Zimbabwe, July 2023
  • Ryan & Olivia

    A trip to remember

    When travelling overseas, I am the type of person that wants to experience all that the country has to offer, the problem is, like with most overseas trips, you only have a limited of time to experience it all. This ... Read more
    Ryan & Olivia
    South Africa Honeymoon, August 2023
  • Tony & Jan

    Excellent service and first class safari trip

    From day one Clyde was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He arranged our safari at short notice and in terms of accommodation and guiding it worked seamlessly. We had originally thought of going to Kenya, but ... Read more
    Tony & Jan
    Tanzania, July 2023
  • Glenda & her husband Noel

    Excellent organisation and service

    My husband and I live in Australia. Following internet research into companies that specialise in Africa, we approached Tailormade Africa to organise our extensive, 6 week journey , through Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe ... Read more
    Glenda & her husband Noel
    Namibia, Botswana & Zimbabwe, May 2023
  • Joanna & her husband

    Exceptional organisation, wonderful trip to Tanzania

    My husband and I booked a trip to Tanzania through Clyde at Tailormade Africa, booking it only 2 months before we travelled. I enquired with several tour operators and received a few quotes before deciding on Tailormade Africa ... Read more
    Joanna & her husband
    Tanzania, August 2023
  • Steve A & his partner

    Excellent Planning, Perfect Vacation

    Clyde organized a fantastic safari for us in Zimbabwe. He took note of the countries and camps we had stayed in before and what wildlife we were interested in and tailored our trip accordingly. He had personal knowledge ... Read more
    Steve A & his partner
    Tanzania, July 2023
  • Sandeep & his family

    Wrapped up an "outstandingly organized" trip to Zanzibar / Serengeti in Tanzania

    Clyde organized a fantastic safari for us in Zimbabwe. He took note of the countries and camps we had stayed in before and what wildlife we were interested in and tailored our trip accordingly. He had personal knowledge ... Read more
    Sandeep & his family
    Tanzania & Zanzibar, June 2023
  • Amanda, her partner & friends

    Extremely knowledgeable, efficient and good value.

    Clyde organized a fantastic safari for us in Zimbabwe. He took note of the countries and camps we had stayed in before and what wildlife we were interested in and tailored our trip accordingly. He had personal knowledge ... Read more
    Amanda, her partner & friends
    Zimbabwe, June 2023
  • Christy & her family

    Amazing experience, excellent organization!

    Tailormade Africa was perfect in all aspects. Rob Morley, thank you for making our experience an unforgettable one. We never had to worry about a thing ... Read more
    Christy & her family
    Tanzania, March 2023
  • Paul & his partner

    Indispensable advisor from start to finish

    We knew we wanted to travel in South Africa but had no idea! I gave 3 safari experts the same brief explaining what we wanted to do, what we liked and how flexible we could be. Clyde at Tailormade Africa was the only agent ... Read more
    Paul & his partner
    South Africa, May 2023
  • Susana & her partner

    Highly recommend Tailormade Africa as they went above and beyond in creating an amazing experience

    We recently went on our honeymoon to South Africa and had the pleasure of traveling with Tailormade Africa and I can assure you they are an excellent tour operator! From the moment I inquired about the tour,... Read more
    Susana & her partner
    South Africa Honeymoon, April 2023
  • Sandra & her partner

    Very experienced team, every care taken, all meetings and collections on time couldn’t be better

    Gave Tailormade an out line of what we would like to see, also gave them a rough budget, they suggested a 4 day Safari in South Africa followed by a 4 day safari in Botswana which worked very well ... Read more
    Sandra & her partner
    South Africa & Botswana, February 2023
  • Rita, Jack & Kate

    Focus on enjoying your African Experience rather than logistics!

    We are a family of three; myself and my two adult children. We are very experienced travelers so I usually do all of the travel logistics. This time, we did three countries; luxury and rough, drive safari and boat safari ... Read more
    Rita, Jack & Kate
    South Africa, Zimbabwe & Botswana, January 2023
  • Nigel & Lynda

    Reliable, thoughtful, knowledgeable and committed

    Tailormade Africa know Africa and provide a superb level of service. They are proactive - contacting you if, for example, there is a problem with your schedule. They are also speedily reactive ... Read more
    Nigel & Lynda
    Namibia, December 2022 to January 2023
  • Aditi & a group of friends

    Tailormade made our Tanzanian experience exciting and unforgettable

    From booking flight/acquiring visas to being dropped off to the airport at the end of our trip, Tailormade made our trip seemless and unforgettable. It was the first vacation I took where I didn't experience any problem or ... Read more
    Aditi & a group of friends
    Mount Kilimanjaro, Tazania & Zanzibar, October 2022
  • Pepi & a group of friends

    Rob fulfilled our desires during the planning process & while we were in Madagascar

    Rob of Tailormade Africa and the staff were impeccable in helping us plan our trip and augmenting our desires with their knowledge. They arranged for wonderful guides who gave us personalized service. It was a trip ... Read more
    Pepi & a group of friends
    Madagascar, October 2022
  • Steve & his wife

    Tailormade Africa truly is a unique company whose desire to ensure you are happy is unparalleled

    I formed my relationship with Rob Morley of Tailormade Africa after initially contacting him about travelling to South Africa for the 2022 Comrades Marathon. I mentioned to Rob that after running ... Read more
    Steve & his wife
    South Africa, August 2022
  • Carol & her partner

    Up Close and Incredibly Awesome

    Clyde and Tailormade Africa delivered an incredible safari experience for us in July of 2021. Sometimes, writing a review directly upon return it's still a euphoria time...but even a year and more later, our time on safari ... Read more
    Carol & her partner
    Tanzania, July 2021
  • Gill & her partner

    Very knowledgeable and helpful in planning our itinerary

    We found Clyde to be very knowledgeable about our destination and very helpful planning our holiday. We felt we had the right amount of time in each place. He also suggested a wonderful destination for the end of our gorilla ... Read more
    Gill & her partner
    Rwanda & Pemba Island (Zanzibar), September 2022
  • Leonid & his wife

    Highly experienced in providing a top notch safari experience

    Not a glitch in the organisation of our 22 days safari through Botswana and Zimbabwe. Professionally managed from the first interaction with Taylormade Africa through to the flight back ... Read more
    Leonid & his wife
    Botswana & Zimbabwe, September 2022
  • Robert, his wife & some friends

    Organized and knowledgeable

    From start to finish Clyde and his group walked you through the process of a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Clyde actually set up a time to talk on the phone to learn more about our travel group and what we wanted to see/expect ... Read more
    Robert, his wife & some friends
    Botswana & Zimbabwe, September 2022
  • June on her first safari

    The safari was incredible

    The safari was incredible! and the entire experience was seamless and easy thanks to Tailormade. Our hotel lodgings were superb ... Read more
    June on her first safari
    August 2022
  • HL & 7 friends

    Our group of 8 had a phenomenal safari experience, exceeding all expectations

    We had an incredible safari experience in August 2022, entire trip arranged by Clyde at Tailormade Africa. The lodging accommodations, food, guides, hospitality and daily itineraries far exceeded ... Read more
    HL & 7 friends
    Tanzania, August 2022
  • Claire & her family

    Rob from Tailormade made the experience a once in a lifetime

    Rob was incredibly detailed and knowledgeable throughout the whole experience, from the initial call to really understand what we wanted which allowed him to come back ... Read more
    Claire & her family
    Tanzania & Pemba (Zanzibar), August 2022
  • Nigel & his family

    Amazing safari in Zimbabwe and Madagascar

    We had a truly amazing safari in Zimbabwe and Madagascar organized by Tailormade Africa. We had many discussions with Clyde ahead of the holiday to make sure he knew what we were looking for ... Read more
    Nigel & his family
    Zimbabwe & Madagascar, July 2022
  • Tony & his wife

    Superb all round

    I initially got in touch with Rob Morley at Tailormade Africa to arrange joining his Africa Marathons group to run the Comrades Marathon in South Africa, and mentioned that my wife and I were planning on a few days' R&R ... Read more
    Tony & his wife
    Tanzania & Zanzibar, September 2022
  • Rittu & Ali

    Clyde from Tailormade Africa put together an epic once-in-a-lifetime trip that was par-excellence!

    Clyde and I started discussing our African safari trip over a year ago. My husband and I were thinking about embarking on a month-long trip to Eastern and Southern Africa to celebrate my milestone birthday. I had done some research ... Read more
    Rittu & Ali
    Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana & South Africa, July 2022
  • James & his wife

    Top notch bespoke Safari Travel service.

    I can't say enough good things about Tailormade Africa. They arranged what I consider to be "once in a lifetime" travel experience for my wife and I. I really liked their process. It is very ... Read more
    James & his wife
    Botswana & Zimbabwe, May 2022
  • Julie & Family

    Tailormade Africa have outstanding knowledge about their destinations and organise the most trips.

    We have travelled with Tailormade Africa on several occasions to lots of different destinations both with and without the family. Every time they have guided us to locations ... Read more
    Julie & Family
    Botswana & South Africa, April 2022
  • Kara & Rory

    Knowledgeable and personable- went above and beyond to give us the honeymoon of our dreams!!!

    We stumbled across Tailormade Africa by chance and we are so grateful that we did! We explored several mainstream travel agents when planning our African safari honeymoon and none of them were hitting the mark. After only one zoom call with Clyde at Tailormade Africa ... Read more
    Kara & Rory
    Honeymoon in Tanzania, March 2022
  • Seb & Lucy

    Phenomenal. Can we go again already?

    Myself, and my now fiancé, have just got back from the trip of all trips embarking on a six day safari in Botswana. Just wow. There aren’t really enough words to express the incredible experience... Read more

    Seb & Lucy
    Botswana, March 2022
  • Lynne S

    No detail left unsorted

    I’ve recently returned from a 5 week trip around Namibia and South Africa. I gave Clyde quite a project as I wanted to experience the best of both of these countries in what was really quite a short time. Clyde... Read more

    Lynne S
    South Africa and Namibia, January 2022
  • Michael and Christine

    Tailormade Africa provides magic - sit back and relax

    We have had the pleasure of another trip organised by Clyde. There is never any reduction in the level of attention and expertise when the itinerary is put together which is followed by the supervision... Read more

    Michael and Christine
    Kenya, February 2022
  • Nerissa & Russell

    Impeccable service and planning!! Rwanda & Tanzania

    Rob Morley and team at Tailormade Africa were fantastic to work with from start to finish! I vetted multiple safari travel agents and knew that when I spoke to Rob I had found the right one. Rob... Read more

    Nerissa & Russell
    Rwanda & Tanzania, January 2022
  • Baiba and Navi

    Top class concierge travel facilitators!

    I worked with Clyde. I could not have asked for a better service. Besides making a fantastic safari itinerary, he made sure our trip was flawless in real time. He was our guardian travel angel always... Read more

    Baiba and Navi
    Zimbabwe, August/September 2021
  • Jason M

    They live up to their name!

    Clyde at Tailormade Africa put together a wonderful custom trip to Zambia and Botswana for us six friends, three couples each with different prior experiences in the region and different priorities. And he did ... Read more

    Jason M
    Zambia & Botswana, November 2021
  • Tanya v M

    Clyde Beaty, the PA's Safari Best Friend

    I did not go on Safari, but had to book it for my boss. I am a PA and I literally had to plan, what is a once in a life time trip for most, in 3 weeks, Without Clyde, I would not have managed it. Clyde literally held my hand, from ... Read more

    Tanya v M
    Tanzania, December 2021
  • Rosemary H

    Tailormade has an incredibly deep understanding of travel in Africa.

    Tailormade has put together 3 trips to Africa for myself and my husband. Areas covered have been Rwanda, Tanzania, Botswana, Zambia, and Ethiopia. For each trip we have worked with Clyde Beaty, the founder of Tailormade, and ... Read more

    Rosemary H
    Zambia & Botswana, November 2021
  • George P & Mara M

    Now is really the time to go to Africa. Frankly safer there than in the USA

    We travelled with apprehension about Covid and the testing,... I have never travelled with such support. Tailormade Africa knew first hand all of the lodges/camps, their high points and their issues. Each time we changed venue ... Read more
    George P & Mara M
    Rwanda, Zambia & Botswana, October & November 2021
  • Sara G

    Best Adventurous Honeymoon Ever!! Thank you, Rob!!

    I´m glad that you are reading this post because it means that there is a high chance that you will be in very good hands. I don't think that there are enough stars to describe our amazing experience with Rob from Tailormade Africa ... Read more
    Sara G
    Kilimanjaro, Tanzania & Pemba Island (Zanzibar), September 2021
  • David S

    Amazing Experience at Zimbabwe! Clyde and His Team at Tailormade Africa Organized a Fantastic Trip!

    Our 3 Safaris at Zimbabwe exceeded our expectations in every level! Clyde helped us (3 couples) organize the most amazing trip ever! Logistics were right on point, especially considering covid made it much more complicated. He always ... Read more
    David S
    Zimbabwe, September 2021
  • Caitilynn and Jack

    Clyde the 'Travel Fairy' planned and executed the honeymoon of a lifetime!

    There aren't enough stars to accurately rate our experience working with Clyde and Tailormade. We came to Clyde from a friend's recommendation a month before our wedding wanting to leave for our honeymoon immediately ... Read more
    Caitilynn and Jack
    Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, September 2021 (Honeymoon)
  • Wael J

    COVID made safaris even more magical!!!

    This is my 5th time travelling with Tailormade Africa and Clyde struck gold again, sending me on yet another adventure of my life. Every time I go thinking I've seen it all and done it all, he just finds a way to top ... Read more
    Wael J
    Southern Tanzania, August 2021 (5th Safari with us)
  • Anna and Wojciech S

    Unforgettable! Tailormade Africa made it a trip of a lifetime!

    If I had to make a recommendation in one sentence – Tailormade Africa is THE place to make your African dreams come true! About planning ... Extremely personalized, great expertise and advice, impressed ... Read more
    Anna and Wojciech S
    Tanzania, July/August 2021
  • Craig and Ingrid S

    Enthusiastic and experienced - The only other thing I can say to someone considering a safari with Tailormade Africa - DO IT!

    We thought our safari days were over after 5 trips in 8 years. Then last year we saw Clyde’s rather eloquent write-up ... Read more
    Craig and Ingrid S
    Zimbabwe, July 2021
  • Kathleen B

    Tailormade Africa designed and facilitated our dream trip!

    Clyde at Tailormade Africa was a delight to work with. From our initial phone conversation, Clyde was able to capture the exact experience we were looking for. We didn’t want a group tour and nor did we wish to travel during the busy season ... Read more

    Kathleen B
    Uganda & Tanzania, Nov 2018
  • Patrice R

    Clyde's expertise and efficiency gave me the confidence to pursue my dream journey.

    Although I had had some experience travelling in southern Africa this trip was much more complicated than usual - five countries, many organizations, and the potential for logistical disasters ... Read more

    Patrice R
    Zimbabwe, July 2018
  • Freddie M

    An experience that surpassed all of our expectations!

    Rob (and TMA) organised a great holiday to South Africa a couple of years ago so when my girlfriend and I were discussing a trip to Africa, we didn't hesitate to get back in contact. After discussing budget and 'wish list', Rob came back with a couple of options and we decided to go for Uganda... Read more

    Freddie M
    Uganda, October 2019
  • Linda M

    Kind, attentive, knowledgeable

    I think Rob did a brilliant job, before, during and after the trip! Attention to detail, but beyond the work his sence of humanity - to sincerely offer assistance ... Read more

    Linda M
    Zanzibar, Pemba & Ethiopia, March 2020
  • Richard W

    Great advice and great delivery!

    From start to finish the attention to detail from Tailormade Africa was excellent. The pre-departure information was very extensive. Rob Morley and his team were responsive to some late alterations that we wanted to make ... Read more

    Richard W
    South Africa, Feb 2019
  • Carolyn Mc

    Trip of a lifetime, flawlessly planned with care

    My family of four worked with Clyde to create a true trip of a lifetime. Starting in South Africa, we made our way to Zimbabwe and then on to Tanzania to watch the wildebeest migration... Read more

    Carolyn Mc
    South Africa, Zimbabwe & Tanzania, July 2018
  • Julie L

    Super efficient, planned to the finest detail, no stone left unturned

    The communications from Rob Morley from the initial enquiry and subsequent booking, right up to departure date, and during the trip were incredible. Even down to the meet and greet at Jo'burg ... Read more

    Julie L
    South Africa, February 2020
  • Najah A


    We decided to go to South Africa on a relatively short notice and Clyde and his team put together a top notch itinerary tailored to us specifically ... Read more

    Najah A
    South Africa, October 2019
  • Kathryn H

    Exceeded my already high expectations!

    Clyde and the whole Tailormade Africa group exceeded my already high expectations for our trip to South Africa. Communications were extremely easy, and we were able to customise our tour to exactly what we hoped to do ... Read more

    Kathryn H
    South Africa, October 2019
  • Mel & Liz H

    One of the best holidays we have ever had.

    From initial discussions to getting off the plane when we arrived home, Tailormade Africa arranged everything we had requested in a most friendly and professional manner ... Read more

    Mel & Liz H
    South Africa, Sept 2016
  • Denise & Roy C

    Thank you so much Rob for arranging this lovely safari!

    The drive to the reserve was spectacular and the setting for the tented camp was breathtaking and the sunrise was, WOW ... Read more

    Denise & Roy C
    South Africa, Oct 2016
  • Julie & Jeremy L

    Tailormade Africa yet again did a great job putting together our recent trip.

    Their recommendations for where to go and choice of hotel/lodges was spot on. Everything worked seamlessly when we were there and everyone in our group had a great time ... Read more

    Julie & Jeremy L
    Uganda & South Africa, Dec 2016
  • Andy & Christine C

    Supportive, personal and straightforward.

    This whole South Africa holiday experience was, for us, an amazing one and these guys at Tailormade made it all so very easy. "You'll be met at Cape Town," they said and sure enough a man waiting to take us to the baggage reclaim and to our car ... Read more

    Andy & Christine C
    South Africa, Sept 2017
  • Vance

    Fabulous experience on Safari in South Africa at Ngala and Tswalu.

    The safari experiences were excellent. Tailormade Africa was careful to assess our interests and desires and recommend alternatives for accommodations and experiences ... Read more

    South Africa, Sept 2017
  • Freddie

    Tailormade Africa organised and delivered on an excellent itinerary for my holiday.

    My trip to South Africa came from an unplanned bid in a charity auction for Street Child of which Rob from Tailormade Africa had generously donated 3 nights stay in Cape Town ... Read more

    South Africa, Oct 2017
  • Anne and Andrew B

    Excellent service, demonstrating a high level of knowledge and experience, delivering top quality.

    Our experience throughout with Tailormade Africa was excellent. We felt that Clyde understood our requirements ... Read more

    Anne and Andrew B
    South Africa & Botswana, Apr 2018
  • Sarah & Jonathon A

    Unforgettable 6-week African Honeymoon!

    After some Internet research and getting ourselves very overwhelmed with 'where to start planning this trip to Africa?!' we came across Tailormade Africa. From our first email response from Rob, it was clear this was a different service to the others ... Read more

    Sarah & Jonathon A
    South Africa, Victoria Falls, Tanzania & Uganda, May 2018
  • Tommy & Keri G

    Clyde planned a trip of a lifetime that far exceeded our expectations.

    When we set out to plan our 3 week trip to Africa, we thought we knew where we wanted to go and when. After researching many companies to plan our trip ... Read more

    Tommy & Keri G
    Tanzania, Zimbabwe & South Africa, July 2018
  • Emma S

    Rob was helpful, approachable, knowledgeable about South Africa.

    All the essentials were organised following informed consultation with us, personally and by email. The accommodation was well planned and very appropriate for our needs ... Read more

    Emma S
    South Africa, Oct 2018
  • Chris & Tina

    It was everything we had hoped for.

    I am 85 years old and my wife is 78. We have done a lot of travelling over the years. We decided we would make one last big trip before we got much older. We had always talked about going to South Africa and doing a safari ... Read more

    Chris & Tina
    South Africa, Dec 2018
  • Mike R

    I thoroughly enjoyed my Tailormade Africa experience in Rwanda. The service was brilliant

    My guide (Aimable) was knowledgeable and friendly. The gorilla trekking experience was a once in a lifetime event that I will remember forever ... Read more

    Mike R
    Rwanda, Apr 2017
  • Arnie M

    The safari we booked with Tailormade Africa was truly the best trip of our lives.

    We had a telephone conversation during which Clyde Beaty determined our interests. Clyde proved to be a superb listener and offered us a tour which met our needs perfectly.... Read more

    Arnie M
    Rwanda & Tanzania, July 2019
  • Sarah & Sanusi M

    Exceptional expertise, knowledge and advice. It was clear from the beginning we were in safe hands

    The safari exceeded expectations on every possible level! All three locations, the people, guides, camps, travel, expertise, food, friendliness and everything else ... Read more

    Sarah & Sanusi M
    Rwanda, Tanzania & Zanzibar, October 2019
  • Geoff & Friends

    17 Days of action-packed adventure in amazing Rwanda.

    My name is Geoff and along with friends Anita, David and Irene we gave Rob Morley of Tailormade Africa brief to include some hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and of course gorilla trekking ... Read more
    Geoff & Friends
    Rwanda, Aug 2017
  • Trevor & Alison P

    A memorable trip!

    We were delighted with the tailor made itinerary Clyde arranged to fulfil our long held wish to combine a journey on the Rovos Rail to Victoria Falls with a safari experience in Botswana ... Read more

    Trevor & Alison P
    Rovos Rail to Victoria Falls Zimbabwe & Botswana, Nov 2018
  • Wael J

    Exceptional service with unparalleled level of attention to detail.

    Clyde at Tailormade Africa really takes the time to get to know you on personal level. Only once he's done that, he's able to recommend the right trip with the right budget. I highly recommend him ... Read more

    Wael J
    Botswana & Zambia, Aug 2018
  • Sue B & Bill Z

    Tailormade Africa perfectly crafted every single amazing detail of our return trip to Botswana!

    We trust, respect and adore our friend Clyde Beaty, co-founder of Tailormade Africa ... Read more

    Sue B & Bill Z
    Botswana, Jun 2018
  • Dilini, Bhanu & Shalinda

    Incredible experience and our best trip to date!

    This was our fourth trip to Africa and certainly our best to date. We started planning nearly two years in advance and Clyde was with us every step of the way sharing his personal experiences and ideas ... Read more

    Dilini, Bhanu & Shalinda
    Botswana, Mar 201
  • Andrea B

    We were completely satisfied with everything.

    Clyde was informative, knowledgable, personable and even called us at home in the US to discuss our requirements ... Read more

    Andrea B
    Botswana & Zimbabwe, May 2017
  • Sandra Fox

    I found them willing to discuss which trips are suitable for my requirements.

    They are very aware of costs and the type of experience you want, I was looked after very well met off the plane, directed to my small aircraft, looked after in every camp ... Read more

    Sandra Fox
    Botswana, Feb 2017
  • Tricia O

    Truly the Holiday of a Lifetime

    It was a great pleasure planning our holiday to Zimbabwe & Botswana with Clyde as he has a huge amount of expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the countries which we lacked and needed advice about and he was extremely eager to help us get things right ... Read more

    Tricia O
    Botswana & Zimbabwe, Aug 2019
  • Murray & Denise W

    What an Amazing Nine Week Trip!!

    Right from the beginning, we were very impressed with their wealth of knowledge for our destinations (Madagascar, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia) and how quickly they identified our needs and designed an itinerary that was within our budget.... Read more

    Murray & Denise W
    Madagascar, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia, July 2019
  • Bailly N

    Clyde and his team at Tailormade Africa were amazing, and provided the exact trip we wanted!

    Excellent communication from start to finish. We never felt pressured during the booking process and all contact was on our terms... Read more

    Bailly N
    Botswana, March 2021
  • Simon

    A holiday of a lifetime!

    From the outset, Clyde has been fantastic. He tried very hard to understand our brief and came up with suggestions that we would never have considered on our own. He was flexible and willing to make changes ... Read more

    South Africa, Botswana & Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls), Dec 2018
  • Anne & Mal B

    We asked for a 'holiday of a lifetime' we got it and so much more.

    From the very first telephone conversation with Rob Morleyat Tailormade Africa, he understood who we were and what we wanted ... Read more

    Anne & Mal B
    Uganda, Kenya & Pemba Island, July 2018
  • Andy R

    A very successful trip, with extremely high quality advice, planning and execution from TMA.

    Clyde jumped into action at very short notice, quickly understood our preferences and put together a carefully thought-out itinerary ... Read more

    Andy R
    Kenya, Feb 2018
  • Hiba

    Everything from the planning to the holiday itself was seamless.

    Extremely helpful and communicative team...the support and organization was beyond expectations even throughout the trip. The Safari itself was excellent...clean and safe and very knowledgeable guides ... Read more

    Masai Mara (Kenya), Feb 2017
  • Taimoor

    Impeccably organised trip!

    Clyde and the Tailormade Africa team really did a great job for us! Before our departure where we were given beautifully personalised dashboards of the trip to come. The flight to the Masai Mara was convenient and quick and our fantastic guide (and now friend) was waiting for us ... Read more

    Masai Mara (Kenya), Feb 2017
  • Catherine W & Diosmer R

    We had an absolutely AMAZING time

    It exceeded all expectations. It's certainly a trip we will never forget, we didn't want to leave ... Read more

    Catherine W & Diosmer R
    Kenya, Aug 2016
  • Marie M

    Overall it was a wonderful experience. A definitive bucket list vacation.

    Rob did an excellent job setting up our vacation. He was quick to answer emails and called several times to make sure our communication was complete ... Read more

    Marie M
    Kenya & Tanzania, Oct 2018
  • John & Tracy S with their children

    Communications were very good throughout the booking process with nothing being too much trouble.

    We originally planned to go to Madagascar ... Read more

    John & Tracy S with their children
    Mauritius, Aug 2017
  • Michelle & Phil L

    An unforgettable trip to Madagascar!

    This was our second time to Africa. Madagascar was different than mainland Africa and it exceeded our expectations! Rob's knowledge of Madagascar was valuable for all stages of planning ... Read more

    Michelle & Phil L
    Madagascar, Oct 2018


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