Mount Kilimanjaro

A trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is a magnificent and spectacular undertaking, one which ranks among the greatest outdoor challenges on the planet.

Tailormade Africa is the leading specialist of climbs up Mount Kilimanjaro. We have all successfully climbed Kilimanjaro over the years and have sent hundreds of climbers to the summit of Africa. We intimately know all of the various routes to the summit, the realities of climbing Kili and we are of course partnered with the very best climb team on Mount Kilimanjaro, the African Walking Company. We are also proud partners of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistant Project organization that strives to protect the well being of the quite incredible porters who make any Kilimanjaro trek possible.

Mount Kilimanjaro FAQs

Where is Mount Kilimanjaro?

Mount Kilimanjaro located in Northeast Tanzania, is the largest free-standing & highest walkable mountain in the world, the highest mountain in Africa and has the only snowfields on the equator.

Which climb operator does Tailormade Africa recommend?

We are partnered with the very best climb operator on Mount Kilimanjaro, The African Walking Company, who lead and take our clients to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Together we are the leading tour operators of high-quality treks on Kilimanjaro, with a genuine summit success rate of over 90% on our recommended routes and an exemplary safety record. We very much hope that you will choose us to help you trek the mountain.

How long will it take to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

A trek on Kilimanjaro will usually take between 5 to 8 nights on the mountain, to which you need to add at least one night in a hotel either side, so 7 to 10 nights in total.

When is the best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

The best times of year to climb Kilimanjaro are Jul to Oct and Dec to Feb. Other times are generally to be avoided. Treks can be done as part of a small group or as private treks and our whole operation is geared up to offer great value treks with the best chances of summit success than any other operator on Kilimanjaro.

How much does it cost to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

A Kilimanjaro climb typically costs between USD 2000 and USD 3750 per person, depending on the route, the number of people in your group and the time of year you choose to climb. That includes all park fees, hotels and transfers.

Who can climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

As long as you are reasonably fit and sufficiently focused, you can give yourself as high as a 90% chance of getting to the crater rim of Kilimanjaro just by getting the plan properly formulated.


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Altitude sickness is by far the dominant health issue on the mountain and really the only thing that makes climbing Kilimanjaro so difficult. Kilimanjaro is seriously high. No amount of training and no amount of other trekking below 4000m altitude can prepare you fully for this. Following our advice should minimise the chances of inconvenience and catastrophe to acceptable levels ... Read more

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Mount Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Route