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Aye-aye lemurs return to the wild in ​​Anjajavy Madagascar

Yet another successful conservation story from Madagascar - this time it is the rewilding project of the nocturnal Aye-aye Lemurs in the heart of Anjajavy's Protected Area.

True emblems, Anjajavy Lodge - Relais & Châteaux, its private reserve and protected area are the purest reflection of this country of untouchable beauty and legendary hospitality, which is magically named Madagascar .

Watch the video above and discover the story of the mother Aye-aye Soalina (which means Sweet Night) and her daughter Kintana (meaning Etoile) through the various steps of this project carried out in the heart of Anjajavy's Protected Area. The Aye-aye is on the brink of extinction, so drastic steps needed to be taken to save this special lemur.

So why Anjajavy in Madagascar of all places?

Located in Western Madagascar in an area totally removed from the country and the world, between the Bay of Narinda and Mahajamba, the peninsula of Anjajavy is known for its rich and varied biodiversity. The dry deciduous forest of Anjajavy's Protected Area shelters communities of rare and endemic wildlife and floristic species. 

Several ecosystems coexist; marine, littoral and ground. It is in this unique natural landscape that the project to re-introduce
Aye-aye lemurs (Daubentonia Madagascariensis), was born.

Aye Aye Lemurs At Anjajavy Madagascar

Anjajavy Lodge and tourism's contribution

Over the last 60 years, nearly 44% of Madagascar's natural forests have disappeared. The survival practices used by local communities such as fire, expanded needs for grazing, exploitation and poaching threaten the island's unique environment.

Anjajavy Lodge has contributed greatly to the conservation of Madagascar's biodiversity and dry deciduous forests in the region. The development of ecotourism activities, the involvement and education of the local community in the preservation of the environment have led to local economic upliftment which are all factors that have contributed to this conservation success.

After many years of study and thanks to the cooperation between the Lodge, the elected officials and the representatives of the villages, the protected area of Anjajavy was finally born in April 2018.

Today, many projects are being carried out in order to preserve the richness of Malagasy biodiversity and to contribute to the flourishing and development of local populations.

Aye Aye Lemurs At Anjajavy Madagascar 3

The total commitment of Anjajavy Lodge

Anjajavy teams mobilize daily for many causes including:

  • Fight against deforestation
  • Study of endemic species
  • Conservation of the ecosystem
  • Sustainable development for the villages
  • Medical support and awareness among local people

To find out more about this truly special location and how your visit can help contribute to this and more conservation successes, have a chat with our resident expert Rob .


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