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view of crocodile
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view of people standing in the long grass at sunset
view of a hippo opening its mouth
view of birds in a river
view of birds in mud
elephants walking through the campsite
view of animals grazing in a field
view of safari vehicle
view of trees at sunset

Welcome to Katavi National Park

Katavi is untamed, wild and remote. Located in the far in the west of Tanzania, south of the Mahale mountains and close to Lake Tanganyika, this is one of the best safari experiences anywhere in Africa. With one of the highest concentrations of game on the continent and some of the lowest visitor numbers, Katavi is a safari aficionados dream!

With vast grasslands to explore the park is simply superb in dry season, from July to October, with thousands of buffalo grazing the plains, hundreds of hippo gathered together in vast pools, and huge lion prides. From November-March the park boasts amazing bird watching and even fewer visitors, making Katavi's massive wilderness of 4,500 square kilometres one of the only places where you can still have a have truly top wildlife viewing almost to yourself. 

Katavi is expensive to get to and thus we do recommend spending at least 3-4 nights in the park, taking in the game drives, walking safaris and fly camping. Really if you are coming this far you should combine Katavi with a similar amount of time in the Mahale Mountains. In fact, as a week long experience the combination of stunning safari in Katavi and Chimpanzee trekking and relaxing at Mahale, makes for one of the very best weeks you could have anywhere on the continent!

There are just two accommodation options in Katavi one on each of the parks massive plains - the lodge of Katuma overlooking the Katisunga plains and the smaller, bush camp experience of Chada, overlooking the plains it shares its name with. 

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