Aerial view
Animals in their habitat
Guests looking at lions
Johns camp
Picture of an elephant
Wild dogs
Elephant standing on its hind legs reaching into the trees
Bush landscape
Close up elephant in water
Guests in row boats looking at hippopotamus
Lion cub
Herd of elephants at a lake
Elephant standing on its hind legs reaching into the trees
Bird flying
Lion's face
Wild dogs
Little Ruckomechi
Wild dog
Wild dog
Eagle soaring
Lioness growling at a lion
Little Ruckomechi
Bird flying
Elephant walking
Elephant in water

Welcome to Mana Pools

Things to do while on a Mana Pools safari

  • Africa’s finest and most exciting national park
  • Breathtaking scenery along the Zambezi river
  • Africa’s most remarkable walking safaris
  • Unique and diverse habitats
  • One of the best places to see wild dogs (painted wolves)
  • Some of Zimbabwe’s top guides in Mana Pools
  • Extraordinary safari camps
  • Luxury camps : Ruckomechi, Little Ruckomechi, Kanga Camp
  • Mid-range camps : Goliath Camp, Vundu Camp, Little Vundu, John’s Camp
  • Adventurous Camps : Zambezi Expeditions, Chitake Springs, Ruwesi Canoe Trail

Mana Pools National Park - A World Heritage site

Mana Pools National Park is a World Heritage site and Africa’s most sensational safari area! A bold claim we realise however the combination of some of the best game viewing alongside the most experienced professional guides, breathtaking scenery, the stunning lower Zambezi river and the most incredible walking safaris really do make this national park stand out.

The river frontage which sits just in front of large areas of open, winter acacia woodland with their cathedral-like statures is like no other safari habitat. The feeling you get when you are there for yourself is not something we can accurately describe for you: it is something incredibly special.

Walking safaris set Mana Pools apart from the rest

It is the walking safaris here that set it apart. Several of Africa’s absolute top guides are found here. Having lived in Mana Pools for decades in some instances, these guides know individual bull elephants and lion very well indeed. So much so that remarkable close experiences on foot with both species, and wild dog too, are a regular occurrence but not for a person of nervous disposition.

Raw wilderness with mobile camps at Mana Pools

There are several "mobile camps" namely Chitake Springs mobile camp and Ruwesi Canoe trail that take the raw wilderness experience of Mana Pools to a whole new level that we believe is absolutely unique to Mana Pools. Being 5 metres from big bull elephants, huge herds of buffalo or even predator kills on your own two feet will have your heart racing at a thousand miles an hour.

Other activities at Mana Pools

This is all only possible because of the extraordinary skill of guides that have worked this park with these animals for years and years. Vehicle safaris, boat and canoe safaris make up the rest of the activities with 2 camps being able to offer night drives as well.

Camps and personal safari personalities

The camps themselves either sit in the riverine area of the Zambezi River or are set back in the bush along one of Mana’s four natural and large permanent “pools”. These pools help make the area so prolific for game viewing.

There is no average or poor camp here nor any low-cost options. Deciding between them is usually determined by budget or your safari personality and you can be sure of a great experience regardless of where you choose to stay.

Best time to visit Mana Pools National Park

Mana Pools is not open year-round as the soil type when wet becomes a sticky bog. Ideally, the best time to visit this park is a little after dry season begins, around the end of June/middle of July, to give the bush a chance to dry up inland and nudge the game toward the permanent pools and the river.

Equally mid-October to November, whilst sensational for game viewing, is extraordinarily hot. Hot enough to have a very serious conversation with us here at Tailormade Africa about your heat tolerances. Only a handful of camps have swimming pools and permanent plumbing for endless cooling showers.

A wild sense of adventure

Mana Pools is better suited to clients that have been on safari before or at the very least for those with a strong sense of adventure. It really is a wild frontier only fully felt whilst you are there. Mana Pools is so good that we recommend you plan your entire Zimbabwe safari around it. The rewards for doing so are potentially life-changing.

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