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What is the Zambesia Conservation Alliance (ZCA)?

The Zambesia Conservation Alliance (ZCA) idea was launched in April 2020 as an entirely not-for-profit entity. It was initiated by our partners on the ground in Zimbabwe, Luke and Suzanne Brown of Vayeni, and Luke’s brother Robin of Cansaf. Shortly afterwards Clyde and Rob of Tailormade Africa and Africa Marathons were invited to be members and be advisors where possible to help promote the ZCA internationally and assist with building the Conservation Games website. We are very honoured and proud to add this extraordinary not-for-profit alliance to projects we support across Africa.

The aim is to help lead the new fight forwards for wildlife conservation in Africa following the devastating impact of Covid-19 and its effect on tourism on the continent. We are tasked with the role of driving conservation awareness, providing a conduit for a range of financial (and physical!) support that can flow to the right areas, specifically within the Zambesi area. The platform is for the voices and efforts of the front-line conservation heroes who are tirelessly working for the protection of wildlife on the ground in Africa. We want to support them as best as we can, and we applaud their efforts to protect our magical continent.

Why have we created the ZCA?

Who wouldn’t want to look after Africa’s precious wildlife? It has brought joy to everyone who has been blessed enough to witness it - in person or otherwise – and without the unique wildlife and habitats in Africa the world would truly be bereft. That said, we have as a global community taken a back seat when it comes to looking out for it. We have not taken enough time to really appreciate the negative impacts we have collectively had on the continent (and in the world as a whole), particularly when it comes to protecting and conserving the wildlife and environments, we hold so dear. That needs to change quickly if we want to ensure the generations that come after us can witness these wonders themselves without looking back in history books wishing we had taken more care.

Please browse the topics below for much more information on the Zambesia Conservation Alliance. Also, don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd prefer to speak to of our safari experts on this initiative.

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