view of the river
view of buffalo in a field
lions sleeping
view of trees
zebras at the watering hole
elephants walking though water 2
view of the dirt road
safari vehicle driving in the sunset
baby leopard laying on mother leopard
people going on a walking safari 3
safari vehicle close to giraffes
birds sitting in a tree
buck laying on the ground
lions laying in a tree
close up of buffalo
view of animals around a tree
people going on a walking safari 2
people going on a walking safari 1
view of eagle in a tree
zebras walking next to a river
elephants walking in the long grass
elephants walking in the sunset
couple sitting and watching the sunset
view of the trees at sunset

Welcome to Tarangire

The Tarangire National Park at the right time of year is a must visit on any Tanzania safari. One of the four parks in the Northern Circuit, the park has a much more dense vegetation than others in the area, with its large acacia woodlands and signature large baobab trees. 

Tarangire is often either missed out of many people's safari or just visited for one night, taking in the northern part of the park, which is dominated by the Tarangire River. If you are able to visit for 2 or 3 nights then heading to the south of the park is recommended. The southern area gets far less visitors, and is home to large and vast 'swamps' & plains in dry season, and allows you to get out walking with your guide. 

The Tarangire is part of a much larger ecosystem and from November to May the majority of wildlife does leave the park to head north, however during the dry season of June to October the park is in its prime and a must visit. Large herds of Elephant roam the park, along with zebra, wildebeest and big cats including lion, leopard and often cheetah in the south of the park. 

We highly recommend the experience and top guiding at Olivers Camp and it's smaller sister camp Little Olivers Camp in the southern part of the Tarangire. Swala Camp and Kuro Camp also offer top quality accommodation in the south of the park, with Ndovu Camp and Tarangire river Camp great choices for those with less of a budget towards the northern part of the park.  

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