Tailormade Africa takes pride in it's partnerships in both the United Kingdom and Africa that support initiatives that make a difference to the communities and wildlife of this beautiful continent.

Richmond Rugby Club

Tailormade Africa has recently gone into partnership Richmond Rugby Club a local community-based rugby club in South West London in the UK, founded in 1861.

Tailormade Africa will be the club's 'Official Travel Partner' for the 2018/19 season with the focus on the juniors. Richmond Rugby Club is a really good partner fit for Tailormade Africa with a strong family-based approach to the sport, great support base and players who absolutely love rugby, with all, encouraged to be members of the club. Richmond boasts as being the 2nd oldest rugby club in the UK and competes in the rugby championship (the level just below the Premiership). The club has a real community focus, which we love.

Take a peek at our latest partners website:

Street Child UK

Street Child UK is the charity we support and is very close to our hearts.

Street Child is a UK education and child welfare organisation that has worked with over 30,000 street children in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nepal since 2008. Street Child empowers children by providing education opportunities and income-generating initiatives to enable families to build a sustainable future. Furthermore, they have been at the forefront of the Ebola crisis: providing care for over 13,000 children orphaned by the virus by resettling them within a safe and secure family home and enrolling them in school.

We have a strong relationship with Street Child and have been lucky enough to see the amazing work they do on the ground in Sierra Leone first hand.

See more of their great work here: