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    At Tailormade Africa, we pride ourselves on being The luxury safari experts in Africa. Who are we to say so? Have a look at our independent reviews from Safari Bookings.

    The days of basic safari camps in small canvas tents have become rare, so it is not always straightforward to understand what makes a “luxury” safari. For many people, “luxury” is quantified by the quality of the accommodation itself - the interior decor, service, food quality and general ambience of each safari camp or lodge.

    Indeed, even when the ‘luxury’ element is more tuned to the quality of the experience or remoteness of location in which the camp or lodge is situated, the accommodations are usually still of a very lovely standard. The question remains, however, what makes a luxury safari luxurious for you as an individual, a family, a group or while on a safari honeymoon? Time, isolation and uniqueness of experience should all be major focal points when considering a luxury safari as all 3 of those elements of luxury have become synonymous with modern safari travel in Africa. Get in touch with one of our luxury safari experts to help you start with planning.

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    Whether you're travelling to Africa as a first-time safari goer or a seasoned safari enthusiast we are able to advise you. Our safari consultants have ample experience in designing tailormade itineraries for all types of travellers!

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    When it comes to incredible scenery, Africa is right up there with the best. Boasting vast savannas, stunning beaches, dramatic mountains and amazing wildlife, this continent has it all. Africa stirs up emotions in travelers like no place on earth, leaving them yearning to come back.

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    8.46° S, 11.78° E


    Sierra Leone is an undiscovered paradise that has been a dealt a poor hand. Tourism and investments were blossoming after the end of the civil war in 2002 and then, just as it was finding its feet, Ebola struck. However, the World Health Organisation has now declared it officially Ebola-free and Tailormade Africa is spearheading the campaign to develop eco-tourism in the country.


    0.23° S, 15.83° E


    Congo is one of Africa’s best-kept secrets. Remote in the best possible sense of the word, this is safari in the original sense of the word – a voyage into the unknown. A journey of exploration and discovery that will whet even the most jaded of travel appetites.


    1.37° S, 32.29° E


    Visitors to Uganda are often surprised and taken aback by the shear natural beauty of Uganda’s diverse landscapes and the genuine friendly welcome from the people. From the mountainous rain-forests in the south, to the northern savannahs, to picture-perfect crater lakes Uganda is truly one of the most geographically remarkable countries in Africa.


    > 0.02° S, 37.91° E


    A Kenya safari has become something of an institution over the years and is where the lavish and luxurious safari was pioneered and perfected. It is no surprise then that when tastes shifted toward the photographic safari in the 1950’s and 1960’s, Kenya was again at the forefront.


    1.94° S, 29.87° E


    Whilst gorilla trekking is an absolute highlight at Volcanoes National Park, a safari in Rwanda offers so much more than this, with sightings of the big 5, breathtaking scenery and a fascinating history to discover in various destinations.


    6.37° S, 34.89° E


    Tanzania is quite possibly the quintessential African destination. When it comes to safari, Tanzania really does have it all and it is certainly one of the most popular among our clients. It is the kind of place which experienced safari hands could easily visit four or five times, but it also makes for a fantastic first-time safari.


    13.13° S, 27.85° E


    Zambia is often referred to as the connoisseur’s safari destination. It is one of few places where you can still experience the Africa of old and much of it has remained pleasantly undeveloped. Due to the very adventurous and immersive nature of safari here, the country is generally suited to more outdoorsy travellers who may have been on a few safaris already.


    19.02° S, 29.15° E


    Widely regarded for many years prior to 2000 as the ultimate safari destination, Zimbabwe’s tourism recovery over the past 7 or so years has been incredible. The tourism industry as a whole and the countries national parks and wilderness areas remain one of the most well organised and managed in all of Africa and is a testament to the passion and commitment shown by all operators and stakeholders who stuck out the hard times.


    22.33° S, 24.68° E


    Botswana safaris are considered by many to be Africa's finest offering on the continent in terms of raw, unadulterated wilderness and most exhilarating experiences.


    22.96° S, 18.49° E


    Due to its arid nature, Namibia is one of the most sparsely populated countries on earth. The feelings of sheer space and freedom that can be felt here are unlike anything else you may have experienced before. This comes with an understanding that a safari to Namibia is mostly about spectacular desert scenery and wide open landscapes.

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    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    101. What are the key characteristics of a luxury safari?
    For most travellers a luxury safari would include thequality of the interior decor, service, food quality and general ambience of each safari camp or lodge. At Tailormade Africa we believe it goes way beyond only these. Time, isolation and uniqueness of experience are three very important focal points.
    202. What are the top luxury safari lodges in Africa?
    This is almost impossible as there are so many and every lodge or camp has something unique to offer it's guests. As previously mentioned, the most opulent lodges can be found in Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya, but there are some luxury gems in Zimbabwe (together with its next level quality guides), Zimbabwe and Rwanda. We will always make sure the accommodation suits your affinity for luxury and more.
    303. What are some of the most luxurious safari getaways in Africa?
    Botswana and South Africa are the kings of the luxury safari with opulent accommodations, food, wine and service. Botswana, however, manages to combine these with an experiential safari and remoteness of location, rather gloriously, giving you everything you could imagine. Tanzania have also increased it's luxury safari offering over the past few years and with some careful planning could be right up there with the best. Kenya, very much like South Africa, offers the opulent camps and similar service levels at reduced costs.
    404. Is a Private Safari experience more luxury?
    A private safari experience definitely makes any safari more of a luxury experience. Is it necessary to book a private safari to make it a luxury safari, definitely not. The way we put our itineraries together we often include remoteness of location which makes the safari experience feel like a private safari. Its all about personal attention and the uniqueness of the experience.


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