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safari vehicle near a baby leopard
view of safari vehicle in the river
view of the river at sunset
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view of giraffes in the distance
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view of lion drinking at night
view of safari vehicle in the distance
view of a safari vehicle near wild dogs
view of bucks in a field
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view of baby leopard 1
view of lake and long grass
eagle catching fish
people in a safari vehicle near a baby leopard
safari vehicle near elephants
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Welcome to Nxabega Concession 

  • Small intimate concession of 40,000 hectares of pristine wetlands 
  • Excellent all year round wet safari for Mokoro and boat safaris 
  • Just 3 small mixed quality and styled camps 
  • Wonderful bird and amphibian life 

The Nxabega Concession lies in the south of the Okavango Delta and is around 40,000 hectares in size which by comparison is fairly small. However as high dry land mass is hard to come by in this concession there are limited offerings of vehicle safari making the concession more than large enough for water based activities. 

The wet safari activities here comprise of Mokoro boat and motor boat safari and occur all year round. The waterways and Papyus Islands are really quite beautiful and the Nxabega is one of the best places to experience the wet nature of the Delta 

There are just 3 small camps in this concession all very different from each other and span the spectrum of cost and degrees of luxury. Pom Pom, Nxabega Camp and Kanana Camp. All of them are very good at what they do however but all need to be combined with at least one other predominantly dry camp in the Okavango or Linyanti region. 

Birds, Amphibians and other aquatic life in Nxabega is of a very high quality which help to bulk out the safari days sightings and interests. The Nxabega concession is not somewhere we would send people too only but as part of longer trip it would be a welcome part of any itinerary especially if one is needing to watch costs a little.

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