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view of a rhino in the grass
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view of rhinos in a field
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Welcome to Moremi Central 

  • The Okavango Deltas most renowned wildlife region 
  • Largest land mass in the Okavango Delta 
  • Chiefs Island in the north of the national Park is home to just 4 luxury camps 
  • Quite possibly the best dry game viewing area in the Okavango 
  • Extremely low visitor numbers 

The Moremi Central National Park is a vast landmass at around 198,000 hectares running through the centre of the Okavango Delta that is home to some of the most amazing wildlife sightings and experiences in Africa. The park has 2 distinct regions. The Mopane Tongue which is generally a very busy sector of visitors given its ease of access and Chiefs Island, far from the reaches of the general public accessible only by light aircraft. 

For this giant area there are just 4 camps, all of which are quite special and offer very different experiences. The extremely famous Mombo and Little Mombo which are the 2 flagship camps of this area, the all luxury pampering Chiefs Camp and the more understated but beautiful Xigera. 

It is the wildlife viewing that commands such respect and fervor to clamber over one another to stay at these camps, mostly true with the Mombo camps. Lion and Leopard and just about common place with good herds of Elephant and buffalo and a dizzying array of woodland and pains game to back up this wonderful card of wildlife. Cheifs camp and Xigera are the only two camps that offer wet and dry safari, with the Mombo camps only offering vehicle safaris. 

Another great allure of this region is how few people there are here. In fact other than the few other visitors from camp you will not see another soul whilst out on safari.

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