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Many years ago when safari was a true pioneering venture of either the brave or the misguided, adventurers would explore Africa’s wilderness areas in mobile safari camps that moved every 3 or 4 days taking in as much as possible and being as close to nature as one could possibly get. Whilst things have moved on a bit since those glorious days to large luxury camps and permanent lodges, it is still possible to venture back in time and experience that quintessential truly authentic and adventurous safari with some of Africa’s top professional safari guides. 

One of our directors is himself an ex-professional guide who feels very passionately about challenging guests to do safari by this medium and we enormously proud to support many of the remaining high quality mobile safari operators. 

The magic of these mobile safaris is difficult to put into words. But, being in a small camp environment with its right in the heart of the bush feel, all the sights, sounds and smells are a hugely pleasant assault on your senses and take you back to a time when man and nature were at peace with each other and we belonged out in the wild. We believe, as we are all descendants from our African Mother all those centuries ago, that these mobile safaris more than any other form of Africa travel make most visitors feel as though they have returned home. 

The safari days themselves run similarly to a more modern take on safari with a long morning activity followed by siesta and an afternoon/evening activity, however it is the flexibility that the guides who run these mobile safaris bring to the table that means anything is possible. That is the freedom mobile safaris offer. 

In Botswana we feel that there are 4 or 5 top class operations that we would happily promote and proactively recommend to would-be adventurers. They all have their own variations of set departure and totally tailor made private trips which you can read about under each one’s portfolio below. 

Mobile safaris of this nature are not for everyone and it is important that you have open and honest discussions with Tailormade Africa so that we may get to know you and help you ascertain whether or not you have the safari personality and sense of adventure to fully appreciate and enjoy this remarkable form of Africa safari.

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June 14, 2018

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