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Why Everyone Should Run the Sierra Leone Marathon

If running is what you do, the Sierra Leone Marathon is for you

Challenge yourself to be stronger, see how far you can go and find out what you’re capable of.

In the mind of the runner

This place, this race, it’s a different kind of challenge. This challenge is new to me, it motivates me, it’s bigger than me.

I’m used to running for myself, to better myself physically and to sharpen my competitive mind. Now I have the opportunity to run for something bigger than myself and to expand my outlook on life.

It’s not about my time, my pace or my placing, this is about my personal best. I run to see a smile on the face of a child, I run to empower a family, I run to get kids off the street, I run to end poverty, I run to educate children, I run to train teachers and to create businesses.

Try this and it will change your life.

333/Sierra Leone Marathon 2016 98

Let the challenge lead to a bigger purpose, challenge yourself to make a difference. Run with the locals, stop to help a runner in need and cross the finish line together.

This is not a competition, this is about changing lives and bringing hope to the people of Sierra Leone . Everyone can do this because many have before, most do it because they want to, all realise this because the country needs help and most of all because the children need help.

You will never run it alone, you will always be surrounded by people from around the world running for the same cause. Together many are stronger, together many can go further and together the human spirit is capable of so much more.

When I run, I tell myself, “this is not for you!” Com on give it a try.

333/Not For You


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