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Walking Safaris in Zimbabwe are Life Changing

Walk Safari

In life, we live, we learn, we grow, and we create memories. There’s nothing better than going through different life stages, such as riding a bike without training wheels, falling in love for the first time and learning how to drive a car. These life-changing moments stay with us for years, which is why it’s essential to constantly try new things. A walking safari is one of those life-changing events, not only is it great to be outdoors and exercise, you’ll be able to walk amongst the wildlife, viewing various animals and experience mother nature from a whole new perspective.

Mana Pools in Zimbabwe offers unique opportunities for adventurous tourists to experience walking safaris and canoeing. The area is veritable wildlife, Eden. The proximity to hippos, crocs, elephants and birds is simply breath-taking and never boring! Once you come face to face with a bull elephant on foot or in a canoe; you are pleased that you have some of the best-trained guides in the world. Why is it life changing you may ask? Imagine this; as you walk through the tall grass, your heart racing in anticipation, you come face-to-face with a pride of lions. Nothing can prepare you for this sense of adventure.

The guides in Mana Pools are the best in the world at what they do and their knowledge of the African wild will astound you. Safety is always their number one priority.

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