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The Satchwell's Tanzania Safari When once just wasn't enough!


Decision made - got to do another safari; "once in a lifetime" just wasn't enough!

So, a virtual safari ensued; the hunt for Rob Morley.

Rob had arranged our previous "once", or as it turns out, "first in a lifetime Safari". Was he still doing it; because we knew he had moved on? Seasoned as we are in "safari", however, we soon tracked him down. Ok, so it wasn't that difficult! It turned out that Rob; with friend and colleague now business partner, Clyde; had started up "Tailormade Africa".

An, "is that really you?" email and a "catching-up" call quickly followed, and our "second in a lifetime Safari" was soon being planned; with Tailormade Africa.

John & Nikki Satchwell Safari Blog Second In A Lifetime Safari

It's a great pleasure working through an itinerary with Rob; he surreptitiously pumps you for your thoughts; moulds them into a proposal; always testing your views; until at last the plan crystallises. No detail is too small; he even dealt with the "hair dryer" issue (maybe more on that later!). All done with enthusiasm for the subject and great humour with the sole intention of creating opportunities for the best possible experience for YOU!

Arrangements in place; all paid up; last minute review with Rob; bags packed and repacked(at least twice!); and now our "second in a lifetime safari" has begun!

Kwihala Camp 1

Where to I here you ask? Onsea House in Arusha for one night R&R after the overnight flight Heathrow to Kilimanjaro via Nairobi; Ubuntu Camp in western Serengeti; Kwihala Camp in the Ruaha.

Thank you to the authors of this blog, our wonderful clients John & Nikki Satchwell, for sharing their wonderful experience.


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