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Successful Crowned Lemur Conservation at Miavana Madagascar

Both charming and fascinating, lemurs are a major tourist attraction for Madagascar but are unfortunately highly threatened across almost all regions of the country. In 2017 a project was born to relocate Crowned Lemurs to the private Island of Nosy Ankao to roam around the Miavana region.

The Time + Tide Foundation supports the translocation of threatened Crowned Lemur (Eulemur Coronatus) family groups from the Bekaraoka Forest on mainland Madagascar , where habitat degradation and hunting pressures are high, to the safety colony of Nosy Ankao in Northern Madagascar by working closely with Fanamby and the Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership. The best place to experience these creatures, endemic to Madagascar, is at Miavana .

Mother And Baby Crowned Lemur In Miavana Madagascar

Community relationships

A relationship was formalized with the Amparihirano Community, who are the custodians of the Bekaraoka Forest and the translocation of the first 5 lemurs to the island took place in 2017.

The objective of the conservation initiative and translocation are to offer fragmented family groups a sage location to breed in while promoting tourism to Bekaraoka Forest so that the Amparihirano residents can benefit directly from this biodiversity conservation.

Translocation of lemurs back to Bekaraoka Forest from Nosy Ankao (Miavana)

Once the number of lemurs on Nosy Ankao increase, a few of them will be moved back to Bekaraoka Forest so that the Crowned Lemur numbers can be boosted, increasing the population on mainland Madagascar.

If these furry little creatures tickle your fancy, please get in touch with Rob Morley who would love to chat with you about the best authentic Madagascar has to offer.


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