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Returning to Sierra Leone to Raise More Money

The difference the Sierra Leone Marathon is making in the community and in young lives is immeasurable

There was an idea, to create an event that would raise a lot of money and attract people from all over the world. It all started with brainstorming, now we find ourselves in the second year of the Sierra Leone Marathon .

Our commitment to Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has many areas that have never had schools or classrooms that have been destroyed because of disaster or conflict. The schools that we build are in good condition with enough space for all the students, and the teachers are trained to teach from the national curriculum. Street Child is committed to getting kids into schools and support teachers in completing government recognised training courses.

333/Educating Children Street Child Charity

Educating the community

We are here not only to get kids off the streets and into schools but also to educate parents and the community on how important education is for their children. Street Child staff advocate at community and household level to promote the rights of all children to education and the importance of on-going parental and caregiver support to a child’s academic progress.

333/Street Child Charity Empowering Families

Supporting the community

Street Child helps to find ways of paying teachers and affording the costs of education by helping communities grow their income. This has helped with getting children off the streets and into homes and schools. Families feel empowered with tailored packages of support to lift themselves out of extreme poverty so they are able to afford the costs of educating their children.

As well as a financial input, Street Child provides business training, planning support, mentoring and access to an incentivised savings schemes.

333/Sierra Leone Marathon Project Visit

There is something truly special and meaningful knowing that you are not running in the Sierra Leone Marathon for yourself, you are running for all the kids so that they can have a bright future.


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