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February 2018 Sightings at Lagoon Camp Linyanti Botswana

333/Female Lion In Linyanti

The African cats were at it again in the Linyanti Reserve

A new pride of four male lions have continued to do well in the area and were located in different parts of the concession as they explored their new territory. Sometimes they were seen patrolling alone, each taking a different route to cover the maximum ground, before meeting again. Some of the guests were very lucky to see them roaring, which is also part of marking their presence in the area to other lions.

A female was also located with one of the male lions the guides suspected that they might be mating. The male lions were also seen stalking zebras but unfortunately not being successful. The Bonga pride were located resting on a termite mound.

333/Female Lion Carrying Her Cubs In Linyanti

One experienced mother Leopard

The resident female leopard appeared to be doing well raising her two cubs; it takes a very experienced leopard to raise two cubs in an area where there are so many hyenas and lions. She was seen hunting, and her biggest target seemed to be baboons; she was spending most of her time around the area where the baboons spend their night.

The two cubs were seen playing around chasing each other around the trees. This female leopard was also seen stalking impalas but not being successful. She was also spotted resting on top of the sausage trees during the day, making for great photo opportunities.

333/Leopard In Linyanti

Kwando’s favourite Wild Dogs

A pack of six wild dogs were still in the area and seen often. One afternoon the guides followed them as they were hunting and guests were lucky enough to see them bring down and devour an impala. Another time the wild dogs were found feeding on a warthog carcass. The pack was also seen stalking impala on different occasions.

333/Linyanti Wild Dogs

Brothers in arms

The two male cheetahs were located in the area during February; the two male cheetahs spend most of their time in the space between our two camps Lebala and Lagoon. The male two brothers were seen patrolling their area to make sure there were no intruders.

A serval cat was located one of the afternoons, and the lucky guests managed to take good daytime pictures of this species who is more usually seen at dawn or dusk. Six bat-eared foxes were seen busy hunting feeding on insects and going into the holes looking for beetles and other insects.

333/Cheetah Kill In Linyanti

Hyenas and friends

Spotted hyenas were seen in different location feeding on the left-overs from other predators; hyenas could not keep up with the wild dogs to try to steal their carcass.

General game was great, and we saw a good number of zebras, wildebeest, impalas and breeding elephants. A massive herd of over 150 elands were seen often and made an impressive sight; this is the largest of the antelope species and to see them in such numbers is a beautiful sighting. A herd of roan antelope were also located more than once.

There was some good rains end of February, and the vegetation was nice and green. The river channel in front of the lodge filled nicely and grunting hippos were always wallowing in front of the rooms.

Birdlife was also good as we still have birds coming for breeding including carmine bee-eaters and African skimmers. The African fish eagle was always regularly seen, and a real favourite with guests.

Thank you Kwando Safaris for this wonderful update!


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