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Day 4 - Climbing Kilimanjaro with Tailormade Africa

Climbing Kilimanjaro and being high up on mountains is a special feeling, although challenging, it seems to make you feel alive as you feel your own strength

Day 4 arrives and our group of hikers climbing Kilimanjaro are now well and truly reaching new heights. They leave camp with the ascent facing them immediately, as they walk for 2 to 3 hours from Shira 2 Camp to Lava Tower, passing through the clouds on rocky Alpine Dessert terrain.

Lava Tower is at a staggering height of 4600 metres above sea level, where the air starts thinning in out to a point that most hikers will notably feel the difference.

The group arrives at Lava Tower to the delight of a much needed hearty warm lunch prepared by the tour leader J.T. and his crew from the African Walking Company. This hike up to this altitude is part of the acclimatisation as the group will be sleeping at this altitude in 2 days time.

The group's initial awkwardness has now given way to an enjoyable experience where everyone is supporting each other and having a great time.

The hikers descend 700 metres down to Barranco Camp after lunch where they will spend the night. This is the first time they get a glimpse of the infamous Barranco Wall which they will ascend after breakfast on Day 5.

You can now feel the group's excitement mounting as the summit day is nearing quickly.

If you fancy climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or want to get some first-hand advice please drop us a line here or email us on [email protected] or call us on+44 7809 726266 (Clyde) or +44 7791 360170 (Rob).


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