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Day 3 - Climbing Kilimanjaro with Tailormade Africa

Day 3 in the series of climbing Kilimanjaro sees the hikers settling in and finding their rhythm. They are acclimatising well and most have their appetites back.

Some of the group reflect back on day 2 of the hike which was a longer and bit tougher than day 3. Day 3 is traditionally only a 2-hour trek from Shira 1 (3610 metres) to Shira 2 Camp (3850 metres), but the group takes us via Shira Cathedral (3872 metres) for as Joe describes, "it's like THE best view in the entire world!" The 4 to 5-hour hike was well worth it.

As the hikers start to see glimpses of the top of Kilimanjaro there are mixed sentiments of excitement and concern at what lies ahead. But any fears were drowned out by the sheer joy of African signing from the African Walking Companies guides and staff.

The group starts becoming more comfortable with each other, to the extent as Will explains, "this is the first day we've really felt like a close family". There is always a great mix of personalities and fitness levels in a walking group like this, which makes everyone feel more comfortable.

As most in the party explain its more the altitude that makes it tough, than the actual walking up Kilimanjaro. So, stay tuned for day 4 as our hikers will be pushing up to nearly 4600 metres before coming back down to sleep at around 3950 metres. This climb up and then back down to a previously comfortable height is all part of the acclimatisation process, which is critical in the ability to reach Uhuru Peak.

If you fancy climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or want to get some first-hand advice please drop us a line here or email us on [email protected] or call us on+44 7809 726266 (Clyde) or +44 7791 360170 (Rob).


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