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Congo's hidden paradise


Buried deep in the heart of the rainforest is a place where the imagination knows no bounds. Where luxury appears most unexpectedly, nestled between the towering trees, Odzala Discovery Camps have created an out of this world safari experience that allows the area's conservation efforts to grow and the local community to thrive.
Congo is renowned for being a near mythical place of outstanding biodiversity, and this week the BBC recognised this in its new nature documentary, Natural World. Congo was illustrated as a remarkable country with extraordinary wildlife. Missed it? You can catch up on the programme here.

Tailormade Africa love Odzala Discovery Camps, who have constructed 3 beautifully furnished eco-camps, that blends perfectly blend with the natural surroundings of the National Park.  Lango, Mboko and Ngaga provide guests with some of Africa's most impressive wildlife experiences that are shown in the TV programme.  


Lango Camp : Boasting one of the most extraordinary views of any camp in Africa, Lango is raised to the level of the surrounding gallery forest, providing incredible views out onto an open marshy bai below. Visiting the bai are huge flocks of African green pigeons and grey parrots, as well as herds of forest buffalo by day and forest elephants by night.

Mboko Camp : This is Odzala's largest camp, with twelve rooms built along the Lekoli River. Situated in an area of lush savannah, frequented by forest buffalo, elephant and spotted hyena, Mboko gives a sense of the scale of Odzala while also allowing clients to focus on some of the smaller details: the many and varied flowers and butterflies. 

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Ngaga Camp : Truly gorilla central, Ngaga is a focal point for world-class research as well as unforgettable primate encounters. The camp's unique design evokes the fun and mystery of childhood tree-houses. The six elevated guest rooms have wraparound walkways allowing guests to peer directly into the forest canopy.


Wild Walking : Getting between Mboko and Lango is an exciting 1-hour kayak trip and a 3-hour trek through natural pathways, often filled with king :waist-height water; but we like to think of this as being part of the adventure! Both camps offer 'Adventure Walks', which take clients across grassy plains, into smaller bais and waterways. Putty nosed monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabeys and red-tailed monkeys are often seen along the route.

Gorilla Treking : Ngaga Camp has two resident gorilla families led by silverbacks, Jupiter and Neptuno. Trekking for them is arguably far easier than their mountain cousins, but it can still be strenuous as they're often found in thick undergrowth. Sometimes, the gorillas sit in clearings and dig for tree routes - a behaviour unseen outside Odzala - which allows for great sightings. Due to the habituation efforts of Dr. Magda Bermejo, encounters can feel 'first-time' for both trekkers and gorillas, creating an experience different to a mountain gorilla trek in Uganda and Rwanda.



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