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Be Prepared for the Bestcase Scenario - A Safari Guide

African Male Lion

Prepare yourself for your next safari adventure

An African safari is a uniquely authentic experience which will most certainly change your perception of life. It is essential, however, that we have the right mindset and the correct items packed when venturing off to a country filled with culturally diverse people and exotic wildlife. Make the most of your next safari by following these handy pointers.


Take your sense of adventure, disconnect, and don’t concern yourself with distractions like Wi-Fi. Tuck your phone away and enjoy the fantastic scenery, capture as many photos as possible and immerse yourself in culture, nature and new experiences. These are memories that will last you for a lifetime.


If you are anxious about what to expect on your arrival after a long-haul flight, make sure a VIP meet-and-greet service has been booked and awaits you at the airport? They’ll collect you at the bottom of the aircraft’s steps and assist you all the way through customs, passport control and on to your awaiting transfer at arrivals. Also, make sure your booking agent is ‘au fait’ with the best local flight charters to ensure smooth transitions.


Community engagement

Immerse yourself in the countries culture. The people of Africa are friendly and love sharing the wonders of their ways. Guests who arrive with ‘wide-eyed wonder’ at all the astonishing (big and small) that nature has gifted, end up having a far more colourful and enjoyable safari. Soak it all up and learn as much as you can from the folk who live there.

Try and talk to the locals as much as possible – your waiter, guide, driver, street vendor. You’ll be stunned at how much you can learn from them.

Be sure to take advice from the locals: they will be able to inform you about the must-visit places, reveal top travel tips and recommend some excellent dining spots.


When you are planning a photographic safari try and avoid lodge hopping. Not only will this save you money and make more photography time possible, but by staying at the same place, you will have a more intimate wildlife experience. You get to know the environment and you leave with much better images.

Zebra On The African Plains With A Sunset

Taking care of yourself

Make sure to always shake out your shoes before putting them on – you never know what may have made a home in there during the night.

It’s also a great idea to make sure before-hand what precautions need to be taken per country. Examples include malaria prophylactics and other tropical diseases.

The African sun can be unforgiving at times, so pack in that sunscreen for protection.


Consider the different kinds of safaris on offer, as younger children might find being quiet on a vehicle for four hours twice a day a big ask. Try to spice it up with village or school visits, boat trips or fishing (if available), as well as other exciting day trips, picnics or activities.

Pack in the essentials, enjoy and absorb all the little things and your safari trip will be imprinted in your mind forever.

Stay posted for more handy tips coming during the following weeks.

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