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African Parks Rangers - A force to be reckoned with

Saving Our Rhinos African Parks Rangers

31 July 2018 marked World Ranger Day, a proud moment for African Parks – a day of global recognition to shine a spotlight on the world’s Rangers, brave men and women risking their lives daily to protect the last of the wild places

African Parks has the largest Ranger force of any one NGO on the African continent, of almost 1,000 strong.

Who is African Parks?

African Parks is a non-government and an NGO focussing on 15 national parks and protected areas in 9 countries cumulatively covering 10.5 million hectares across Africa. The countries include Benin, Central African Republic, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi , Mozambique , the Republic of Congo , Rwanda and Zambia .

African Parks Elephants

The Rangers of African Parks

Our Rangers are working in some of the wildest, most remote, often extreme and most dangerous environments, serving as the last and only line of defence providing the most critically needed security to both people and wildlife.

In 2016 alone, African Parks rangers carried out almost 76,000 ranger patrol days: 644 arrests were made, over 32,000 snares removed and more than 941 confiscations were executed across all the parks.

The upkeep of an operation of this size is resource intensive and relies heavily on public donations and support.

African Parks Rangers On Duty

These Rangers are a force for good

  • Majete’s Ranger teams in Malawi have not lost one rhino or one elephant to poaching since the species were reintroduced in 2003 and 2006 
  • Our highly skilled mamba Ranger units in Zakouma in Chad have drastically reduced poaching, and elephants are on the rise for the first time in decades, with a record number of new elephant calves being born
  • Rangers are delivering life-saving security to Chinko in the Central African Republic, providing safe harbour to people fleeing conflict, and helping to rebuild homes destroyed by the civil war

And these are just a few of the many significant impacts our Rangers are making, every single day.

Liwonde African Parks Rangers

Rangers need your help

The African Parks Rangers require constant training, new equipment & maintenance, and protective gear and outfits to meet the threats of poaching and other illegal activities without fear, and your support will go a long way.

  • $25 can support one water filter, providing clean water while out on patrol
  • $50 can provide a mosquito net 
  • $100 can support a pair of rugged, all-terrain boots 
  • $250 can deliver an advanced medical kit
  • $500 can provide two Delorme satellite tracking devices, life-saving technology for Rangers in emergencies

Support the African Parks Rangers today!

Every single dollar counts and goes towards the African Parks law enforcement efforts.

Because of your gift, they can continue to protect their Rangers, who are protecting so many people and animals each and every day.

On behalf of everyone at African Parks, thank you for your support, and for letting their Rangers know you stand with them.


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