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African Parks - A Bright Future for Rhinos


The rhino has survived on this planet for millions of years. But today, fewer than 25,000 remain due to one thing: the illegal demand for their horns. African Parks is actively protecting our rhinos.

News about rhinos is typically about poached individuals and the near demise of a species. But today 22 September 2018 marks World Rhino Day and so much has been achieved in the past few years, especially by African Parks .

African Parks has made some extraordinary efforts with their Malawian, Rwandan, and Chadian Government partners, to ensure that these incredible animals stand more than just a fighting chance.

African Parks did it with your help

  • Reintroduced rhinos back to Majete Wildlife Reserve in Malawi in 2003 and 2007, where the population is thriving, and not one rhino has been lost to poaching since their reintroduction; 
  • In 2015 African Parks assumed management of Liwonde National Park in Malawi , making them responsible for the entire rhino population in the country;
  • In May 2017, with the Rwandan Development Board and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, they brought 18 Eastern black rhinos back to Akagera National Park in Rwanda , ten years after they had been poached out;
  • In October 2017, the Malawian Courts took a clear stand on wildlife crime and acted swiftly in the sentencing of three poachers who had killed a female rhino in Liwonde National Park. The combined sentences amounted to 36 years in prison, the longest sentence ever given in the country; and
  • Just this last May, the Chadian and South African Governments collaborated with African Parks to return the rhino to Zakouma National Park in Chad , almost 50 years after the last one had been poached out. Rangers lined the runway and saluted their arrival, while over a thousand community members celebrated their homecoming (Watch their release into the wider park here)

World Rhino Day 2018

Saving our rhinos is a government, judicial & community effort

There are truly hopeful efforts being made by Heads of State, judicial courts, local communities and with support from key funders who are helping us to protect these national parks, to create safe spaces so nature can return, and wildlife and people can thrive.

22 September 2018 - World Rhino Day

Today marks World Rhino Day, and there’s reason for optimism. In the last year and a half, you have helped African Parks expand the rhino’s range by two new countries, and plans are already underway to build on this success in 2019.  African Parks will be moving additional rhinos to Zakouma to create a genetically diverse population who can breed and thrive in the safety of the park.

Thank you for joining with us & African Parks in creating a brighter future for rhinos, and all things wild.


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