Zakouma National Park

Zakouma National Park sits alongside Siniaka Mania Faunal Reserve which together covers a huge 30694 sqkm of ecosystem. African Parks has managed Zakouma National Park since 2010 and having seen the success of this management, the government of Chad award African Parks the mandate to manage a much larger area to help secure vital habitats for the benefit of wildlife and local communities. 

With effective security in place and the resurgence of wildlife populations, Zakouma National Park is enjoying the benefit of increasing tourism. The park is a safe refuge for central and west African wildlife including the Kordofan giraffe: 50% of this subspecies lives within Zakouma National Park. Poaching had resulted in a loss of 95% of the elephant population in Zakouma: from 2002 to 2010 the number of individual elephants declined by 4000 to 450.

  • Two years after assuming management of Zakouma National Park, African Parks had almost entirely stopped illegal elephant poaching.  The population now exceeds 500 individual elephants.
  • Giraffe, antelope, hartebeest and buffalo are also increasing in population.
  • Elephant herds have been fitted with satellite collars enabling to monitor them and deploy law enforcement patrols where necessary.
  • The flow of information has been increased by relationships between park management and local communities ensuring park authorities are notified of any suspicious activity or threats to wildlife. 
  • 5000 Chadian children and villagers visit Zakouma National Park each year and local employment is on the rise.
  • New Elephant Schools have been built within the elephant migration zone and cider have been receiving education from Zakouma supported schools since 2016.
  • Trade and employment opportunities have increased at the camps and lodges within the park which have seen an upturn in tourism. 
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