Liuwa Plain National Park Zambia

Liuwa Plain is one of the oldest areas of conservation in African history and dates back to the late 19th century when the King of Barotesland appointed his people as custodians of the reserve.  This area is home to wildlife and local communities each needing to be sustainably managed to protect the fragile ecosystem and ensure a mutual coexistence for all.  Liuwa Plain is the site of one of the most incredible wildlife spectacles across its 3660 km expanse - the second largest wildebeest migration in Africa.  Until Liuwa Plain came under the management of African Parks , this was under great threat and due to poaching, numbers of zebra and wildebeest were in decline. Harmonious cohabitation of wildlife and local communities is managed through effective law enforcement, engagement and communication.

Work done at Liuwa Plain National Park in Zambia

  • The wildebeest migration contributes to tourism, in turn, boosting employment and revenue streams
  • Just one lion remained when African Parks took over the management of Liuwa Plain.  Now the population has increased to a growing pride of eight having seen the introduction of more lions to the area.
  • The carnivore population in Liuwa Plain is increasing: spotted hyaenas now total over 500 and the cheetah population is growing after the recent birth of 7 cubs.
  • By engaging with the community and implementing educational programmes and effective law enforcement communities now understand the benefit of reduced poaching 
  • With the effective use of an informant network and by working with local communities successful weapon seizures, arrests and convictions have been made. 
  • Environmental awareness amongst local children has been increased through Liuwa's environmental education programme and successful conservation clubs in community schools.
  • Tourism is increasing: King Lewanika Lodge opened in April 2017 and tourists continue to arrive at community-owned campsites.
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