Garamba National Park Democratic Republic of Congo

Garamba National Park Democratic Republic of Congo

Garamba National Park was designated a park in 1938 and declared a world heritage site in 1980. It is one of Africa's oldest national parks. Garamba shares a large expanse of its border with war-torn South Sudan meaning tragically, militarised poachers have reduced wildlife numbers significantly.  The elephant population has diminished to 1,200 from 22,000 as recently as the 1970's and the last white rhino was seen in the park in the early 2000's. Garamba represents one of African Parks ' greatest challenges and has required a complete overall of law enforcement to reduce poaching and stabilise wildlife numbers.

African Parks' huge challenge in Garamba National Park 

  • African Parks will continue to manage Garamba for at least the next 10 years having recently renewed their management agreement
  • Elephant poaching decreased by almost 50% in 2017 due to an effective law enforcement strategy
  • 44 Elephants were collared in 2017 to help prevent targeted poaching
  • The only remaining Kordofan giraffe population in the Democratic Republic of Congo has slowly started to stabilise due to the efforts of National Parks
  • In 2017, with the help of African Parks, Garamba's mobile health clinic and Nagero Hospital delivered treatment to 9,700 people who otherwise would not have access to vital health services
  • 500 Full-time staff and 2000 on short-term contracts are employed by Garamba in law enforcement and community support positions
  • Educational programmes enabled 280 students to visit Garamba in 2017 and over 1,500 students have learned about sensitive environmental and health issues such as malaria and HIV/AIDS prevention
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