view of lion in a field at sunset
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view of safari vehicle driving by buffalo
Arial view of buffalos in a field
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view of a baby hippo
view of hyenas in a field
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view of elephants playing in the water
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view of birds in the water
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view of buffalos and lions in a field
safari vehicle in a field at sunset

Bangweulu Wetlands Zambia 

Bangweulu means "where the water meets the sky".  The unique floral and faunal diversity of this community-owned protected wetland in north-eastern Zambia demonstrates a spectacular display of more than 433 different species of birds, including the rare shoebill and has seen a recent rise in the population of the black lechwe.  This area is one of the most extraordinary wetlands in Africa.

African Parks work in the Bangweulu Wetlands Zambia

  • Black lechwe are listed as endangered and only found in Bangweulu. Since African Parks took over management of the park in 2008, there has been a strong recovery of some of the wetlands’ most iconic wildlife, including the black lechwe. African Parks' most recent aerial survey indicates a rise in the black lechwe population of 20,000 to more than 50,000 in just over 7 years
  • Bangweulu National Park is one of the largest employers in the region
  • A fishing ban in spawning season has resulted in the growth in fish stocks
  • Community development is vital and supported through various development projects such as fishery management and bee-keeping
  • Local fishermen are part of a programme to ensure the protection of shoebill nests and to secure the safety of eggs and chicks which would have been previously stolen and sold to the illegal wildlife trade
  • Poaching in Bangweulu National Park has been brought under control by effective law enforcement and village scouts. A mounted anti-poaching team has been able to cover greater distances and in turn, protect more wildlife during patrols
  • More than 780 local children are benefitting from conservation education and the national curriculum being delivered via forty ZeduPads (Zambian educational tablets)
  • Family planning awareness programmes are being conducted by a reproductive health facilitator and are benefitting more than 50,000 people who live in the park
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