Safari Vehicle driving through water

Group Safari

As mentioned earlier, Tailormade Africa does not get involved with large, organised groups which tend to follow a set departure and itinerary. That said we very much encourage family parties or indeed intimate groups of friends to embark upon a tailor made African safari put together by us with our care and precision. There is perhaps no better way to celebrate a family occasion than to travel to Africa and go on safari. 

If the family group is big enough it may be that you will be able to have your own vehicle while out on game drives with your own personal and private guide. Often this scenario can end up being the most cost effective as you will be splitting the fees of a private guide and vehicle between a fairly large number of you. If you are a particularly large, private group you may be able to book the whole lodge or camp, some of them only have 4 or 5 rooms; imagine the privacy and exclusivity you will then experience?

The smaller more intimate camps generally work best in this scenario, so certainly matching your party size to as close to the maximum number of rooms at a camp is always best. There are some safari camps and lodges that excel at catering for group or private party clients and sadly others that are ill prepared, having knowledge of teh very best camps across all budget ranges helps us to correctly match your party to the right camp.

The best thing to do at this point is to get in touch with us, preferably by phone, to allow us to get to know you a little and advise on the kind of group or private party safari that would give you all your trip of a lifetime experience.