First Time Safari

For us here at Tailormade Africa arranging someone's very first safari is the most exciting and rewarding part of our job. It is hard to get across to people what to expect let alone the deep life changing experience that is about to befall the first time Africa safari client. Indeed Our directors frequently talk about how envious they are of that "first time" feeling. The awe of seeing your first Zebra, giraffe, Elephant and Lion or Leopard is something that you just can't quite be prepared for. It is simply exhilarating and if you are reading this as a newbie to the safari world you should be delirious with excitement at what awaits you.

Truth be told, your first safari can hardly ever fail to deliver a decent experience and you do not yet have the knowledge or a barometer to know the difference between an average safari or a safari experience at the very top of its game. You will not yet understand how important the quality of guiding is to making your safari go from good to extraordinary and this is partly because you will just be super excited to see everything that you will see. However, we know how to give you it all on your first safari and there are several countries that we believe are best for this particular category of safari travel. Tanzania is probably the best first time destination as you pretty much get most of an African safari, the variety of species, the mixtures of habitats and ecosystems and a decent infusion of authentic local culture. All these elements put together are fundamental in getting the most out of Africa will give you the injection of the Africa & safari bug that leaves yearning for more and more. Indeed we have clients that return annually without fail.

Having said that a first safari can't fail to deliver in reality, logistics, national park choices and choosing the right kind of safari accommodation to match your travel personality is absolute vital and is not something you can do on your own as you would with any other type of holiday travel. Africa works to her own beat and time and can be frustrating for the un-initiated, nor is it possible for you to sift through the thousands and thousands of camp and lodge choices based on imagery and trip advisor, so please don't try as you can end up with a really poor overall Africa experience. Plan your trip with one of our team at Tailormade Africa, you get our experience and knowledge absolutely free, costing you no more to plan and book with ourselves than going direct so please do get in touch.

The best thing to do at this point is to get in touch with us, preferably by phone, to allow us to get to know you a little and advise on the kind of first safari that would give you your trip of a lifetime experience.

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