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Botswana Solo Traveller

Anyone that is travelling alone or wishing to travel alone to Botswana should feel 100% confident in doing so! A safari in Botswana is a very inclusive experience at its heart with the majority of camps and lodges being uber friendly and with very like-minded people working and staying these said camps or lodges.

Botswana a journey of self-discovery

The word safari in Swahili means "to journey", and we feel that there is no better example of a journey than that of the self-discovery experiences travelling by oneself in Botswana can give you. In most of Botswana and safari Africa you will be sharing your safari activities with up to 5 others from the camp or lodge you are staying at and will undoubtedly make long lasting friendships.

We would always encourage solo travellers to mix in a variety of experiences, like wildlife safaris of course, but also authentic cultural experiences where possible. We say this because we have found that with all our Botswana solo traveller guests it has been this combination of wildlife and local cultural deep and meaningful interactions that has really struck home and changed or greatly impacted them.

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Botswana solo travellers have more to experience

Almost every safari country in Africa works for solo travellers although there are a few that excel in this particular area. Botswana is the real king of solo travel in Africa. Botswana has a number of options of which Mashatu Game Reserve is right up there and we can plan some quite remarkable itineraries along those lines.

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Best speak to an expert on Botswana solo travelling

So much of travel to Botswana and Africa and the type of experiences we want or need as individuals, is highly subjective to each individual person. For that reason, we do strongly recommend that at this point you get in touch for a “getting to know you” conversation with one of our team. We are absolute in our belief that this is the only way to achieve a truly Tailormade Africa Botswana solo traveller experience….. for you.

Feel free to email us on [email protected] or call us on +44 7809 726266 (Clyde) or +44 7791 360170 (Rob) if you have any questions or contact us below.

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